Hello to all my wonderful readers!

I am absolutely thrilled to tell everyone on FictionPress that "Bright Star" is being published by Tor Publishing this summer! It is such a thrill and an honor to have my lifelong dream coming true. I know it would not have happened without the faithful following I received from all of you here, on this website, when "Bright Star" and "The Rising Sun" were first written all those years ago.

I hope that all of you will keep in touch. I now have a Facebook page where you can get updates on the publication process, news about release dates and book signings, etc. Please head over to Facebook, and add /authorerinswan to the URL. Be sure to like my page and feel free to send me a message saying hello!

Thank you once again for all of your reviews, kind words, constructive feedback, and overall faithfulness to reading my stories. I appreciate every one of you!


-Erin Swan (aka E. Liz)