i'm an
articulate girl,
but only when i find myself
speaking in tongues-
using my own,
in ways that other people
only think they understand.
and both of us, so good at
saying the same things.
but until now, it was only
inside of our heads,
inside of our clothes,
but always,
written on our sleeves...
a style we never grew tired of.

once, i
faked a shiver
to see if you would take off your coat-
so i could maybe
wrap my arms,
my chest,
in everything that, i prayed,
you've ever wanted to say.
and maybe, after that
neither of us would have to say
anything, ever again.

were always a perfect gentleman.
but i
could never watch you freeze.
silly us,
never considering
going inside,
keeping warm together,
to have a pleasant chat.