Title: Sins of Tragedy (P/?)
Author name: E.D. Fiorentino
Category: General
Sub Category: Fantasy
Keywords: teens, science, war
Rating: M for adult themes and language
Summary: When a virus attacks her classmates and leaves them no more than animals, it's up to Stephanie to find a way to save them; but how much can your average teen do to when she's up against bio-warfare and it's all she can do to save herself from her friends?
DISCLAIMER: All plots, ideas, and characters are derived from original thoughts by the author. Use of said characters, plots, and ideas are forbidden without written consent of the author. In plain old English: DO NOT STEAL!!
Author notes: This story came to me originally as a dream about a young girl with wings and her pet gryphon who not only saved her life a few times, but could also talk. It struck me as so interesting that I wrote down what I could remember of the dream, and spent the next year or so doodling this girl in the margins of my notes. Now I have finally fleshed out the remaining unknown details...and SoT was born. This is the un-beta'd version (although I have edited it more than a few times), so please enjoy!


It is difficult to know where to begin.

In my life, I have found that a story may actually have not one, but many beginnings. I could start with my birth, or my mother's birth, or her mother's birth. Or I could start with my parents sitting down with me when I was five, and letting me help choose where I would go to school in two years. Or maybe it all began was when I set foot in my dormitory room for the first time, and threw my brand-new Strawberry Shortcake suitcase onto the naked twin bed that would be my space for the next ten years.

Or, perhaps, there was no true beginning at all.