she smiled at the sun
even though it burnt her eyes
and she gave him a smile and said, "it's full of glory,"
even though the story
had not even begun.

her steps on the cement were small
yet her shadow was long at her feet
people looked as she passed by
for she seemed so very tall
even though she was so very slight.

at night she bathed beneath the moon
and luna rays touched her skin,
making her bloom with pale light.
she gasped when the grass grew damp
and dew drops clung to her palms:
"like tears," she laughed.

and when the world grew too heavy
upon shoulders so very frail
she smiled although her strength was waning
just because she still could.
"it's over," she told him, her eyes all so pale
"the endings come and gone."

(she stared at the sun
and only saw the moon.)