Parties are what high school is all about. I mean my education is important too but I mean after stressing all over exams and maintaining a 4.3 GPA and making sure Malloy high School receives the Basketball City Champion ship, sometimes you just a need to dance like the world is about to end. So here I was dancing with some guy I didn't recognize at Sebe Ammons Annual Cuz Party. A cuz party is a party just because. After only a couple of seconds with dancing with this stranger I felt two hands grasp my waist and tear me away from the poor guy now dancing by himself.

"Warren what do you think you are doing?" I was having fun.

"I could ask you the same thing Charlie Kirsten Keller. Did you even know that guy? That was Paul." After giving him a blank glare he realized that I didn't know him. "Like as in Paul who will take advantage of you. And no one will be taking advantage of my little sister. Next time he even looks at you, you better let me know." Stupid brothers. He is only a year older than me. I mean he doesn't have to go all macho on me. "Now since I found you, have you seen Lily?"

"No I haven't seen Lily. Leave her alone Warren. She isn't going to do anything stupid." Well I was lying but he didn't have to know that. Lily is my twin sister, my best friend, shopping partner, roommate and gossiper. Lily and I get along really well. We are in the same group of friends and have bright futures. Well of course is would be absurd for any Keller child to be anything less than perfect. My dad is all about the image that world holds us at. A responsible, well put together, loving family. Blah blah blah. By loving family he doesn't mean the crazy bond all if his 8 kids share. Don't get me wrong we are certainly a loving family but sometimes there was a little too much.

My brothers are all popular and smart but they all have their differences. But one thing they all agreed on was that the "babies" in the family, aka lily and me, were to be taken care of. By taken care of I mean, being watched every minute, not being allowed to date, sitting down and forced to eat no matter what you said, and having to be with at least one of my brothers at all times. I love them all but I mean come on. Cut us some slack. I asked them once why they did this us and hey just blew it up saying stuff like, there is no way you guys are going to get anorexic and no boy is going to touch our baby sister and get you guys pregnant. It's not like our parents raised whores or anything. They just are all I little over-protective when it comes to us. Like one time, Steve Cattey came to pick me up once and all of my brothers pinned him up to the wall of our front porch while Shane Wyatt gave them "the talk". I never got to go on my date because the poor kid ran off as soon as his feet touched the ground. He had to go to therapy after that. My brothers are just AGH. First off there is Shane 25, Wyatt 23, Gavin 23 (they are twins too), Parker 21, Vince 19, Warren 18 and then me and Lily at 17. To top it all off all of they all live at home. They all said it was to be home with family and plus there was enough room in our gigantic house for them all. For their pathetic excuse for staying home, Lily and I know the truth. Well back to the fact that Warren is in my face.

"Where could she be? She better not be with some boy like you were."

"Warren calm down. I'll go get her okay and I'll take her home okay? Okay. So chill and go do something productive with your time." So then and there I began the journey through puke, beer and mobs of sweaty bodies rubbing up against each other. As I rounded the corner, there was a girl on top of a table 

dancing with some guy. She was obviously plastered. I'm not one to drink and neither are my siblings. We saw how it affected my Uncle Tommy and his family and don't want that to happen to us. So this girl was wearing a silver tank top with a pair of jeans. Wait I have those jeans. Lily borrowed them tonight. Wait hold up…. "Lily Grace Keller."

The form of my sister looked to me and started her way to me. Except the fact that she had a little too much to drink came into the picture and she fell off the table.

"I'm good. I'm good." Dang she scared me there for a minute. "Charlie come meet my new friends."

"No Lily we need to go home. And why are you drunk? Who gave you a drink? Because I know you weren't the one to get it yourself." I needed to get out of here and fast.

"Marcus gave it to me." Dang it. Marcus Finch is going wish he never even came to this party.

"Lily what did I tell you about drinking from cups that are given to you? You are only supposed to drink out of the sink or any bottle or can that hasn't been previously opened.

I grabbed Lily's arm and started out for my car. "I am sorry Charlie. Haha that rhymed. But Charlie I don't want to leave yet."

"Lil I don't really care right now what you want. I can't have my sister pissed drunk. Plus once Warren sees you, which will be at any point now, he is going to kill somebody. And we aren't going to want to be here." She silently nods in my direction. Finally the cool Colorado air hits my skin and my VW bus came into view. I set Lil in my car and make sure to buckle her in before I go back in the house to find this certain Marcus Finch. "Lily stay here and don't move okay?"

The feeling of the bass in the music began to pump through my body along with the sudden adrenaline to get to Marcus. There in plain sight stood Marcus with his buds. I stormed in their direction.

"Hey Charlie. What's wrong did something happen to you?" Man could he get any denser.

"Yes as a matter a fact something did happen, Marcus Andre Finch." The once smiling group now knew the seriousness of the issue. "I recall telling you something as we came to this party. Do you remember what that was?"

A little light bulb must have come to him because his expression turned from thinking to sudden realization. "To watch Lily," he muttered.

"Yes. Marcus I said to watch my sister not get her drunk off her crack in hopes of getting alcohol poisoning. And then leave her drunk with a crowd of strangers. What were you thinking? Well obviously you weren't thinking now were you?"

"I'm sorry Charlie."

"Well you're going to be more than just sorry when Warren hears of this."

"Oh come on Charlie don't tell your brothers. I mean it's not that big a deal."

"Are you kidding me? My sister could have been used and raped and all you care about is saving your butt. You should be worried about my sister. You better watch your back Marcus." With that said and done next was find Warren.

"Hey Charlie there you are. Did you find Lil?" Warren found me instead along with my best friend in the whole world, well besides Lily of course. His name is Dean Mitchell. He has been there for me with everything. Unfortunately he is on the football, and wrestling team with Warren, which means Warren has recruited him onto to the Keller Boy Agency to make sure that Lily and I never got to anything.

"Yes she's in my car. Now do me a favor a go kick the crap out of Marcus."

"Wait why Marcus? And since when are you the one telling me to beat someone up. It's usually you telling me Gandhi had a purpose in life and that I should respect him and crap. What gives?" I leaned into him and explained the situation. The feeling of wrath and outrage pretty much goozed from their pores after I told them. Marcus was going to realize what the point of no return was like. All that was needed to be done was to show Marcus' where abouts and then I was done.

Now in my beloved hippy van, Lily and I were on our way home. As I turned onto the main street, Lil turned the radio onto a great station. With no one else on the road but us, Lily and I started jamming out to Leavin' by Jesse McCartney. Both of us were singing at the top of our lungs.

As I started to turn in the intersection, the mistakable happened. First all we saw were lights coming at us at top speed, then the sound of squealing tires and crunching metal. There was no time to react or to prevent the inevitable. As my van began to flip Lily screamed with all her might. A second crash occurred on my side of the car. The screams stopped and so did the car. I tried moving but nothing happened. My arms would move and my legs stuck. With only an ounce of strength in my body I looked over at Lily. Blood was seeping from her forehead. Then there was the sight of my car door scrunched into Lily's side. Tears slipped down my face as the thought of losing my sister worried my mind. The more I cried the sooner unconsciousness enveloped my body.