He never came. Dean and I sat in silence as the teacher stood at the overhead and went over notes we were supposed to take. I didn't take them. I was too worried about where he was. Was he not here because of what I had said at lunch today? I need to talk to him.

Everyone dispersed as the bell rang.

I had passed Madison on my way the last hour. As I was still with Dean, I didn't feel it necessary to talk to Madison about the situation. Dean was furious with Aiden as it is. I didn't want to talk to him about how my heart panged without him. Dean would just tell me I was crazy. He just wouldn't understand. Madison stood with us until the minute music came on. Dean sped off in the opposite direction leaving me alone with Madison.

"Madison, he wasn't there. How am I going to talk to him? He probably thinks I don't like him at all. After I told him to leave at lunch, where do you think he could've gone?"

"In don't know honey."

"I need to get out of here. I have to go."

"Well, I have a big test this next hour but you can take my car. It's parked out front." She dished in her back pack pocket.

"No Madison, I can't take your baby."

"You can and you will. Here take my keys."

"But…" before I could I retort back she interrupted me. "No buts. If I see Aiden I will let him know where you are, if that's what you want."

"Yea that's fine. But I doubt you will. Thanks, you really are my best friend."

"Haha I do what I can. I got to go, I can't late." With that she took off leaving me in the middle of the hallway with her keys in my hand. I quickly left school into the parking lot.

The last time, the only time, I ditched school was with Aiden. We had spent that day at the outside mall after we had gotten breakfast. I remember it so well. The vintage store was the best time I had since Lily died. He had awakened me from my shell. Playing dress up in old clothes was perfect. Later, we were walking around till we found the three dollar photo booth. We just couldn't pass it up. Those very pictures are sitting on my desk at home.

Speeding through the empty road may not be the safest or cautious thing to do at stressful time like this but it felt good. Something I could finally take control of. For once. Tears seeped through my ducts and spilled one by one.

Why does life have to be so hard? I just didn't get it. Then I remembered the saying, "I never said it would be easy, only that it was worth it." Well this definitely isn't easy. But was it worth it? I had to say it was. I may not be ready for our relationship to go back in full swing but I felt lost without him. In some form I felt like I needed him there with me. And for now friends was all I could take.

I had reached my final destination, turning off the ignition and stepping outside in the fairly chilly wind I stepped towards my sister.

I sat in front of her grave wiping my tears away.

"Lily, how could life get like this? To think that 6 months ago we were happy. You were here; there weren't any boy issues that weren't apparent anyway. I mean life seemed perfect now that I look back." It really was. I looked down to my legs bare in the shorts I had worn. Scars from the accident, where the stitched had been bluntly stood out. "There weren't any scars to taint my body."

"All we had to worry about was basketball. That was it. Friday is state championships, you know. I don't know if we can do it. We've never done it without you."

"I hope it's true that people that die can still watch over us. Cause I need your help. This Aiden thing has taking a toll on me. I like him a lot. It's never happened before, I'm uncomfortable but not at the same time. He has made me feels things again that I never knew I could feel. Happiness is the main one. He truly has made me happy. I just hope that he'll talk to me."

"I had my chance today and yesterday at work. Today I just let Dean and Warren yell at him and then proceeded to tell him to leave. If you had seen his face you'd understand. It killed him. It killed me. I just hope he will come and talk to me. I tried in 5th hour but he never showed. He just didn't come."

"I left school early today. Dad is probably going to get really mad once I get home. But I just couldn't handle it. Things have changed so much that it's almost unrecognizable. This place isn't like it used to be Lily. But you've always liked change. Something I never have been comfortable with."

I let it all out. The sobs I held within shook my body. It all hurt but yet it felt so good. I guess it hurt so good.

Minutes passed by and my cries lessened to more of whimper. I peeked through my fingers as they hid my stained face to see a figure approaching. Quickly recognizing this appearing person I wiped the tears and make up from under my eyes in the possibility of looking any better.

"Hey Charlie." His silk voice rang through my ears like the voice of a seraph calling out to me. I couldn't believe that he had actually come. I sat in shock for a moment staring at his structured face.

"Aiden, you came." Why did I say that? I could've said anything to him and it was that.

"Yea, I'm just glad it was you this time wanting to talk." He still stood towering over my slouching form.

"Take a seat," I said while patting the grass as an invitation which he obliged to.

"Just listen Charlie; I have to get this out. I am so sorry. I should've asked you about the pictures instead of blowing it out of proportion like I had done. I am sorry I sort of went back to Natalie. She was the only girl I knew you didn't like and I thought you cheated on me. I thought it served you right. But I was wrong. I was wrong to blow up at you at the party and call you a slut. I know you aren't one. I didn't mean to get in a fight with your brother or make you cry. Well that's a lie. I did, well at least then, mean to hurt you. But that was under false pretenses. I am so sorry Char. You mean so much to me."

"I am sorry too."

"But you did nothing wrong."

"Yes I did. I could've heard you out at Ruby Juice but I had ordered you out."

He sighed, "But that was because I had hurt you. It was instinct and I understand that. You don't need to be sorry. Then I had found out about things I had never known. You never told me you had a sister or where your scars were from. After the party I found that all out for the first time." Speechless, is what I was. How did he know about my scars? Who had told him? "But what I don't get is why you didn't tell me. I told you about Dan, my brother, and my family situation but you never told me anything like that."

"I was scared. At first it was because when you came along, my sister had just died. I was just getting over it. People kept coming to me with their grieving and I could barely handle my own. I had tried being strong for my family but failed miserably. I met you and I instant felt a connection with you. It's not that I didn't want you to know. But when I was with you I felt happy. Not whole again but happy. I didn't want you pity or your sympathy hugs and glances. Then as we got closer and closer there was never a right moment. I didn't want a happy night to falter because of my pains. I was getting over it and I didn't want to talk about it. People think that when things happen people need to talk about it. But that's not what I wanted."


"It's not that I didn't trust you because I did." I glanced at him and felt hypnotized by his eyes. His green eyes stared into mine intently, never backing down. "I have a question, how did you find out?"

"Well after getting in a rumble with Warren, I needed I break from the party and the tension. I went outside and talk to this girl. Hailey Ogden, Dean's sister. She asked me what happened. I simply told her about the pictures and the fight. She laid it down simply why things were the way they were."

"Hailey huh? She would know more than most too."

"You're not mad are you?"

"That you know? No not at all I just wish I had gotten enough courage to tell you myself."

We both sat there on the grass next to my sister's grave in silence. It was slightly awkward. I didn't know what to say next.

"So um… where does this leave us?"

"Well, I think it be best if we could start again with being friends."

"But Charlie..." I had to explain.

"Don't get me wrong, I like you a lot. But I think every relationship should start out with a foundation. We jumped right into making our roof but look where that put us. We fell. I think a friendship will help us to come closer."

"I guess I am okay with that. What are your brothers going to say?" He asked playing with his hands.

"It doesn't matter. It's about time I live my own life don't you think?" He smiled that one in a million smile. The one where it stopped your heartbeat and you had to hold on to something in order not to fall to the ground. His smiled was contagious and I had caught onto it and grinned back.

Lily was really watching over me.

"So this is her?" he said nodding to the stone next to us.

"Yep. Aiden Wood this is my sister Lily Grace Keller. She was one of kind." Reflecting on the good ole days I heaved a long sigh.

"You, Charlotte Keller, are one of a kind."

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