A Simple Rain


How many of us are cold and lonely,

Naked beneath a rain devoid of clouds,

A rain without remorse or substance,

A rain without heat, justice, or purpose—

A rain which defines without definition?


How many of us hear silence in lieu of voice,

Thought in place of discourse,

While living a life without recourse, purpose, or love,

A life in the rain—

A rain which defines without definition?


Ah, that cold, bleak, foreboding rain.

It is tainted with our own essence,

Drowned in it so that it may drown us,

Drown us in a deluge palpable yet invisible—

Drown and destroy us with power insurmountable.


Ah, that melancholy, hum-drumming rain,

The rain which defines without definition;

The rain which robs, kills, and rapes without conscience;

The rain which we befriend, love, and marry—

The rain which is us.


The End