So here I am

Still as a lamb

I can see my vein and there are distant voices in my brain

The music's loud

And are you proud?

I'm hoping to unwind while these words are still fresh in my mind

So will you hear

Or disappear?

I've got some things to say and I know in my heart I can't stay

And then the Sun comes up

Back into a world of homes where our voices don't make a sound

Try to hurry up

It's a place where beauty can get lost and never found

So I'll make this clear

I love you, dear

When I'm here, I'm never tense and this rhythm just all makes sense

We sit and bark

Into the dark

And no, we're not insane just because we don't mind the rain

And then our time is up

Writing in a world of pictures where our dreams are tied to the ground

Just try to keep up

And I'll make this last so long that you'll always want to be around

Am I you?

Could you be me?

We'll sing this song

And we'll be free

Look at the moon

Play me a tune

These wounds will heal and I hope that someday I discover you are real

And yes, I wish

I was a fish

Because a fish is never sad and dies before he ever knew what he had.