Author's Note: My newest story which is in progress. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

The Waitress Who Knew Too Much

My foot tapped against the blue tile. The impatience for work to let out ate away at my being. The diner was on a slow down fall. The time was fifteen minutes to midnight. Only some on deputy cops and a late night couple occupied the place. My table happened to be the late night couple arguing over the bill.

"I bet you fifteen bucks she pays for him." The voice behind my left shoulder stated. I didn't need turn to see who it was.

"She doesn't seem like a push over, Maggie." I eyed the huffed female who just shook her head at the young man with a backwards baseball cap and idiotic grin.

"Oh please," She moved next to me with a click with her tongue. "With that pretty face. She'll do anything to keep him on a leash." Maggie folded her arms across her blue polo that was our uniform.

I watched as the frustrated curly haired blonde girl slapped down the bills. The man just leaned back grinning triumphantly. The girl than began saying something, which I couldn't hear over the drone of music, but it made the man get up and ignore her. She followed also annoyed at him.

"Told you." Maggie said snapping her heels toward her own cop filled table. "You owe me fifteen dollars."

Besides the fact that Maggie liked to keep me to promises I never made, she was a pretty good friend. Actually she was my only friend. It was sad to say, that in all four years of high school I had only managed to take no life lasting friendships from there. I had to get a job across town to find a friend.

Back before I was a proud graduate with no college to go to I was a willing student with a sister who had the worse reputation in history, which does affect your status after a wild.

My big sis Fran was one of those girls who did everything in high school. You name it and she had done it. I had the unfortunate luck of going to Fran's former high school. I usually got the looks from people asking to themselves if I was Fran Montgomery's sister. It wasn't hard to tell.

Fran and I had both the same mahogany brown hair and soulful hazel eyes. Fran's hair was curlier than mine, but we had the same nose that made us look like we had been punched. Slightly crooked. Either way my high school career was a big bust.

Maggie flirted with the cops. I sighed thinking most of those cops were married with kids. She flicked her dyed blonde laughing at something a younger handsome cop said. Their laughs filled the diner over the dull music and dish clanging in the back.

I moved forward to my table to pick up the check. The poor girl had left me a five-dollar tip. It didn't bug me as much since her boyfriend was a complete jerk for making her pay. I went to the register to put the money away. I saw the cops start to walk out of the corner of my eye.

"Bye! Have a good night." Maggie waved holding a fairly good chunk of change in her hand.

My eyes rolled. Maggie came up next to me with a smile on her heavily made up face. Her eye shadow was burning blue and her raccoon like eyeliner made her green eyes stand out. The smile almost looked painted on her like a thin pink curve.

"That's what happens when you put out, May." She showed off her roll of fives and tens in my face. She flaunted her chest in front of me. The uniform wasn't too good at attracting the opposite sex, but Maggie had managed to let two buttons "go missing".

"What is that now? Three hundred dollars?" I asked partly sarcastic and partly serious. Maggie had a reputation of getting more tips than any waitress here.

"No, I only got one hundred in tips this week." She tilted her head and headed off to check out.

"Well, poor you!" I called as I watched her walk away.

I turned around to check out the diner. Nobody was there except the bus boys clearing off the dirty dishes off the tables. Usually Maggie and I were clearing the tables off, but Maggie had ditched and I was inches away from doing the same. I went to the kitchen where Santiago and Clive, two of our late night chefs were doing clean up. The clock was near the employee bathroom. I put my card in and clocked out. Maggie's card was already done.

I twisted the knob on the bathroom. Locked as usual. I sighed grabbing my purse and the plastic bag with clothes in it. I walked out through the swinging doors to the girl's bathroom. The bathroom was usually a mess, but tonight it was remarkably clean. It could have been our lack of females and customers today.

I went into the handicap stall on the far left. I proceeded to get changed dreading the fact that I soon would be home. At this point in my life I was living with my sister and her half employed boyfriend. Lacking parental figures may have caused my sister to become a little messed up. I mean it sure didn't help me.

My parents had left my life when I was three. After that Fran and I were placed in foster home after foster home. I clung to Fran like a stupid abused puppy. Every foster parent I had loved me and hated my sister. I never wanted to leave my sister even though she was the cruelest person in my life. The fact was I never wanted to be alone. She didn't like that I stuck to her like glue. She didn't like that I waited around for her and was always smiling when she came back. I got the hint when I was thirteen.

Fran had just gotten into cocaine. She was twenty-four and taking care of me. I had lied to my social worker saying I was staying with a cousin. I had walked in after school on one of Fran's two-day drug parties. I could barely see through the fog of smoke. Fran's boyfriend at the time had grabbed onto me pulling me down on top of him. I still remembered the heart pounding music. The metal thrashing in my ears as he pulled his lips to mine.

My sister had seen, but she was too high to know it was an accident. She kicked me before she kicked him. She hit and yelled. Everything was confusing. She said such horrible things to me. Half of them I didn't remember. I just remembered the pain and the bruises. She never apologized. I never tried to tell her he was the one who pulled me, who attacked my mouth as if he were going to do more than kiss me.

I keep my mouth shut because that was what I was good at. I knew a lot more about the world than any one led on. I knew that right now Maggie was shooting up like she did ever day after work. Fran had had two abortions in the past year. Fran's boyfriend, Chris when he went to work also went there to cheat on Fran. And no body believed me that my parents were murdered. Murdered by vampires.