Main Characters:

Erica Spencer (17)

Ethan Collins (18)

Hawn Kaleb Yoon (17)

Kylie Spencer (18)

Subordinate Characters

Chace Van Kaiser (18)

Ken Alleveto (17)

Micky Roberts (18)

Jason Spencer (45) & Amanda Spencer (43)

Julia Knight (18)


With everything stripped away from her, how can Erica possibly linger onto a world whom the people she loved no longer are in her life? The only things she holds dearly onto this world is to find her sister Emily who can either be dead or alive and her Dad whom resembles her father dearly. But in the meantime, living a painful life on moving forward back in her hometown Opelika, AL, they haven't seen each other about 4 years. How can a guy, who was so cocky in the seventh grade and treated her so badly, turn out to be a nice guy three years later and how can a girl, who was the school's nerd and unfashionable girl, turn out to be so hot?

Author's Note (AN): I change the name of this story which i don't know what to name it yet, and I changed the name of a few characters and changed the story line a lot. But, it still has the same concept. Please enjoy.

00 Prologue

I want you to understand that there are others watching over you from the other side of the veil. Either it be when you're grieving or when you're at your lowest point. We are watching, we are listening, and we are here in front of you, beside you, sitting next you. You're never alone. Perhaps, maybe thats why I am privilege to travel back and fourth from the other side of the veil to guide you towards the light. I promise this road will not be an easy path to follow but I am certain I will always be there to give you the power and strength you need to get back on the right path. My dearest sister, I'm here to guide you...

The sound of the waves and the sound of the birds, the wind brushing against her hair. She let the waves pulled her in as she felt the cold chills rushing to every nerve of her body. Her long brunette hair dances alongside the wind with her long maxi ivory chiffon skirt which flows graciously. She stared into the sunrise for hours as I watched her silently crying. It had been three mornings since she came out to the beach and looked at the sunrise from afar, her feet against the sand as the waves pulled her in slowly every time. From every angle I watched her from the other side of the veil. It had been the same routine every morning after the funeral and after the cremate service she endured as she watched her mother, her father, and her sister being cremated. Heart broken, despair, sad, angry, and depressed. All these emotions raging a war in her heart. She did not know what to feel, what to think, nor what to do.

The sad girl, beautiful and bright, once full of light and warm smiles, feels nothing but ice cold thorns piercing through her soul as she dipped her half of her body into the ocean. I watched as I quickly stepped outside from the veil and took a deep look into her sad brown eyes. I glanced around, spinning every where. Not a soul on the beach. I glanced back to the broken girl, the water was already above her chest. I looked around one more time and saw him. What a miracle I had thought.

The young man was on a morning jog. I observed the handsome young man. He seemed stress, sad, and disappointed. He's going through the equal value of pain as the broken girl. I pitied them of both. Call it faith or miracle, I had no choice but to flip his hat off that he wore and let the wind carry it towards the broken girl. He looked back as his blue eyes followed his hat to see where it would land to retrieve it. Then he saw the broke girl. Questioned and bewildered, he watched her from a far. He took a step closer, another step, and then another and as she went completely under the water. Shocked, he waited for the girl to come back up. A minute felt like seconds as he rushed to the broken girl, dived into the water, pulled her out, and carried her onto the beach. He position her body straight and prepared to give her cardiopulmonary resuscitation but then she cough out water as he felt relieved. He let out a huge breath what felt like he had not breathe for a while and laid next to her, breathing heavily.

Erica Spencer sat up slowly and saw the young man who pulled her out. Right before she began to loose consciousness, she felt a warm hand reaching out to her. She realized it had been him. "Thanks." She murmured as she felt her throat feeling numb from all the ocean water she swallowed. The young man glanced over to the suicidal girl. He notice her beauty which then caught his attention. She was no longer the crazy suicidal person he thought she portrayed. He got up and sat shoulder to shoulder with her as they both stared into the sunrise that morning. Silence filled the air. Nothing but the sound of the waves and the sound of the birds crowing. "You're not going to ask..." she started to say before she tried to admit her actions as she swallow her guilt and admit softly, "...why I tried to drown myself."

The young brunette male shook his head as he let out a sigh. "As long as you promise me you won't do something this reckless again." He slightly shifted his body towards her as she looks over to the young male. "During the times you feel worthless, as if you don't feel meaningful, you got to remember your life has a value for those who do love you." He scoffed. "Even when you sunk to your lowest point, fell down numerous time, your special to someone. So, don't waste that valuable yet priceless life of yours."

She listened and took in his words to heart, but somewhere in her heart searched for that uncertainty.

"And the people whom I'm special too," she started to say as she brought her knees closer to her chest while wrapping her arms around her slim legs, "what if the people I love most in the world no longer exist?" Her question answered his thoughts. He figured out her reckless stunt and put the two together. He nodded slowly, kept her question in mind but did not answer it.

"Tell me, if these people no longer exist," he said as he glanced over to her and she looked at him, "are there not others out their who are concern about you, loves you, and cares deeply about you?"

His question raised her curiosity. She thought about her two best friends and her loving uncle. She shut her eyes and realized the mistake she would had made if she ended her life. "Those people would had been devastated...just like me." She said quietly as she noticed the young man starring at her.

"You'll be fine." He told her. "And if you're not. There will be someone there to pick up the pieces for you-Hey, it could be a total stranger like me, but who knows, a friend or a relative or maybe someone you'd least expected. There will be someone." He smiled at her and for a moment, our eyes locked he first time. There was that strange attraction, that unexplainable affinity. That feeling that they've known each other somehow but there was no recollection, no memories to explain this strange feeling.

It's not miracle I thought as I returned to the other side of the veil. Nor it is a coincidence. Perhaps, faith that draws them together. Maybe I'm not the only one here working alone to guide you on the right path. My dearest sister, I hope you know that you have help from both side of the veil.