True Love and Every After True Love and Every After

At sundown, at Teplamacen Beach outside the Hampton's, sits an old woman gazing at the sea. This woman's name is Martha Jarmel she is a widower of three years, and the towns folk call her the crying maiden, as every sunrise and sunset she comes out of her big house to look at the sun and some say that she cry's for her lost husband. There are rumors going about the town, as asking would be considered rude, some said that the husband had drown at sea and she is waiting for him, others say that he died in the service fighting a battle across the sea. None of the rumors were correct of course and Martha considered the rumors foolish, her husband went very peacefully on a hospital bed, she only moved her because it was their dream to by a house to retire at near the beach.

She had not shed a tear for her lost husband for years, she loved him with all of her soul but she knew that he wouldn't want her to morn for him; he was too sweet to consider tears should be shed on him. They had met when they first started school with each other and they had been friends since then, they started to date in high school both of them nervous teens and the best of friends, and when they started college, he slipped a ring on her finger and they became husband and wife. Forty years later her husband was diagnosed with a rare disease that kept him in bed before he past, a wonderful life full of friends to cry for him.

She had made a hobby to study the married couples on the block, there were three in total, and she never had been unfriendly so she had met them at one time or another. They were all young couples, each having their own differences the first was a pair of snobbish youths that paid a lip service to her loss and immediately changed the topic, and they had been on her road for a good two months. The second was a pair of young rich folks, they seemed to say hello and try and never see you again, and they paid more attention to their work then each other. The last were a pair of newly weds, still shy with each other, still blushing when they touched hands, or whether or not to display affection in public.

The first had just gotten divorced, they apparently had been seeing other people for a while and their spouses had just found out. And the second were rarely together in their large home, they were not in a marriage, they were just strangers living together, it wasn't love, it was just beneficial to them both.

But Martha just laughed, because they were so childish in a way, searching for what everyone is searching for. A happily ever after, the one thing that made someone's life complete with another person, they just forgot the hardest part. True love, the most important component of happily ever after, and the only thing that made it so very happy. She had found her true love, she had loved him, she had lived with him, and she had lost him, she was beyond happily ever after, and simply in ever after. She loved her husband from the bottom of her heart and nothing in the world would she trade for the memories that she had of him not even if it was some more time.

She gazed down at the last couple still moving into their new house, still smiling and holding hands as they brought in boxes. She let out a smile of her own, maybe there was still a chance for true love out there.