Of mountains and pebbles

Rose Valden was taught to be a noble woman in every sense of the word; while she had been born in a high station she had never considered herself above anyone else. She had gone her whole life without committing a deadly sin against man or god but now faced with a scene of twisted and horrible nature she had to wonder what she had done to deserve this.

It was the first full moon of the winter season and she was celebrating her recent engagement. She was to be married to her lover of two years, Romulus Katan, who she loved with all her heart, and for his part, on his hands and knees he swore to never harm her. But as the night went on, by some twisted act of god or demonic imp, he was transformed from an earthbound saint to a savage wolf monster.

Many of his friends and their guards charged at him with swords and spears outstretched, out of fear or instinct it's unknown. But the men and the guards were tossed aside like a child's toy soldiers, and the shining swords and spears were bent like blades of grass beneath a horses hoof.

All Rosa could do was stare as her beloved tossed their friends away, into a pile of scrap metal. Any weaker woman would of turned tail and fled with the speed of a deer being hunted, as a beast like this charged at them. But Rosa stood her ground as the wolf cut the distance in half, and tears ran down her face.

It was all she could do too stare straight on at the approaching beast and let out a frightened gasp as it pounced, and a moment later it's dripping jaws found meat and her pale face was sprayed with warm blood. An unknown emotion filled her eyes as she watched the wolf howls of pain as it's fangs dug into his arms flesh and he began to shrink into a mortal man.

The kneeling for of Romulus looked up with tears in his eyes to match her own streaming down her face, and clutched his wounded arm. "Please," he whispered, "please Rosa run, I couldn't live with myself if I hurt you. Please, just go."

She stared at his broken form, and even as tears fill from her face, her eye's burned with fierce determined courage, and warm love. Even as he told her, begged her to run she stepped forward and took his tear stained face into her chest. She let out a very quite whisper that could only be heard by the two of them, "I could forgive you, if you ended my life with your claws or fangs, I could forgive you from wherever I go after. No matter what happens I could forgive you because I know that it wouldn't be you who did it. But if you would honestly think that I would leave you now when you're in so much pain, it would hurt me so much more then you could with your claws." She said holding his eyes level with her own, "and you swore that you would never hurt me. The night that I agreed to take your name and take you as my husband that you would never do me harm. Will you break your first promise that you made to me as my betrothed before we are even joined in holy union?"

For just a moment, he stared into her soulful eyes and past out in her arms, as the pain in his arms were overtaken by her warm love.

It was said a long time ago, that for the woman he loved, a man would move mountains. But the will of a woman who was in love would make those mountains into pebbles.