You think that holding your breath

Will stop the tears

But you're wrong

Instead they bypass your lungs

And go directly into your veins

Poisoning you

Filling you up

Until they have succumbed

Every viable organ and

You're drowning in them.

So you close the door

And crawl into your space

Pulling your body into a small curl

But it is not tight enough to bring comfort

So you lay your legs down

Press your feet against the door

So your back hits the wall

The tears are still coming

Those damn traitors

You want it

You want it but you swore

Still the index finger lifts

Lays the nail against the surface

You can instantly tell how hard and solid it is

Just by this delicate touch

No need to even tap

You test all four surfaces around you

Know which one will work best

Bring the most relief

You take in a breath, body shifting

Subconsciously to fulfill the desperate need

But realization hits and you jump to your feet

Think that turning the light on

Will stop the inevitable

But again you're wrong

It only reveals the truth in the mirror

Those damn red eyes,

The forced smile

All a pathetic attempt to

Hide a broken heart

It's all you have though,

So you get up, put on your mask

And begin.

"What's wrong?" they might ask.

"Nothing!" You shine, sliding past.

It is nothing, you think.

Because it will either fix itself

Or you'll get over it.

Most likely the latter.

So you walk out alone.