Daddy's Little Girl

Leah Braden stared at her hands. They were smooth and white and soft, scented by the expensive lotion she used. When she raised her head, her eyes fell upon the dark head of her husband across the dining table.

"Coffee?" she said.

He didn't look up from his newspaper. "No, thank you."

"Some bacon then?"


A moment later, she tried again. "It's a nice day outside."

He only pursed his lips. Something in the Wall Street Journal apparently had caught his eye. His ever present cell phone sat next to him, but for once it didn't ring.

Leah watched him. He was a handsome man, her husband. Most men at his age acquired a paunch and a girlfriend, but none of that for him. His hair was still a dark brown and his body still athletic. She had no cause to complain. Not on that score anyway.

"I'm going to leave," she blurted out.

"You do that."

"I don't think you understand. I'm leaving you."

He lowered his newspaper. "Oh?" he said. "Running away again?"

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