to crack under pressure is to give you all of me
and i won't let you take me
i can't let you grab a hold over me
the only thing you will do
is fall away in defeat, bleeding and blind
my back is no longer the sheath to your swords
i won't walk behind you or let you lead the way
you can't grab my wrists
i can't let you take me,
i'm the leader of this fucking battle
and i will fight until there's no truce to declare
i'll come back home with everything i'd left with
and not one piece will be left in your ignorant hands
i'll come home with your hair laced between my fingers
i'm coming back stronger,
with a vengeance burning on fire
thirds the lucky charm
try to shut me in,
break you with my ironfists breeding abhor
and i don't need any soliders
and i don't even need one weapon
why can't you fight with your bear hands?
because they're red and i've caught you cold
i see right through you
nothing but lies pulled together by hydrogen bonds
pieces and pieces, this war's just puzzle pieces
i'll come home with every single one
i'll come home with your head on a shield
i'll come home with all of you and then we'll all see
my mind you can't captivate, i do dare say
you can't set me ablaze me because bravery can't burn
i'll be coming home soon
i speak no lies and promise nothing false
i will be coming home
i will be coming back home soon
you can't break me,
and i'm walking on home