you're my heaven wrapped up in copper
i hope you slip into heaven's coinslot.
people say you're ruined--
but so are diamonds.
you changed my world,
and you didn't have to be dead to do it
you showed me a side of Earth's heaven
that i never really knew.
i just hope we don't run outta here dying forever.
can't you see this in my eyes?
i'm so in love with caring for you, it brings me devestation
and every second i am praying, until the sky turns golden
just like you...
please go to a safer home
i don't want to see you burst into flames
or run into air, falling away into ash.
go north then fly, into the golden sky
please, my God, when his clock strikes louder than a heart beat
send him to a safer home
i hope his heart may change
because i love it too much to go ablaze
if you fall, at least fall into heaven's arms
where you belong
my piece of heaven,
slip into heaven's coinslot.