Daughter of Kings

Daughter of Kings

From a land afar

Aunt to an emperor

That shines like a star

Mother to a Queen

Wife to a King

First in the kingdom

But then came the Boleyn's

Daughters of merchants

Risen from dust

As plain as could be

Yet their fortunes rose up

Anne was the peasant

Who conquered the king

Their rise was great but

Their fall amazed all

From jewels to the block

And the heads began to roll

Pale and small, Jane was her name

Mother to a King

But that was all

Her reign so brief

Like a summer wind

So Henry sent afar

For another wife

Another girl, a better life

Anne of Cleves was fat

She didn't speak the English

So Henry dubbed her sister

For know his eyes were set on another

A mere child, hardly weaned from her mother

Katherine, a Howard, became his wife

Vain and precocious, she went the same way

As her poor Boleyn cousin

Next was Catherine, Parr was her name

More nursemaid and wife to the man once grand

Yet her love was elsewhere and she almost lost it all

If for not how the mighty fall

King Henry died, he was no more

But his name would live on

In legend for all to see and know and hear

How the love of a king may cost you dear