Granddaughter of a commoner

Granddaughter of a commoner

Wife of a King

Mother of a Queen

Yet in the end - nothing

Ambition her ambrosia

She tempted fate

Well, fate took the bait

They called her many things

Some she deserved, others not

Yet she asked and she got

We cannot complain

Of fates cruel twists

The wheel of fortune spins

Down, up, and down again

She divided a country

Gave the people free will

In the end she was her own destruction

The mighty fall further than the weak

Further to fall, more causes to weep

A swordsman from France

An end worthy of better

A usurper, a vixen a witch

She was all these and more

Yet in the end she is like you and I

A human with faults that caused her to die

Who is this women, this queen called

Her name was Anne Boleyn

She died of a nations shame