A/N: Here's my newest story, created at the end of last month. This story will take the place of Sumiko-chan in Twisted Land because it uses elements and ideas from it. I've decided to abandon that story because this story is much better by far.

The original concept was written 7/17/08 and combines inspirations from Utena/Sumiko-chan in Twisted Land/Phantom of the Opera/an old story of mine called Of Murder and Romance and other ideas that I've had.

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Title: VIRUS

By: Melissa Norvell

Rating: T may verge on M

Pairings: Hetero & SHOUNEN-AI later on but it won't go outside of implied making out and kissing

Warnings: Sexual content, violence, dark themes, gore, blood, torture and general weirdness.

Genre: Angst/Romance/Psychological/Adventure/Fantasy/Spiritual/drama

Summary: HETERO/SHOUNENAI. A virus infects everything around it, like a painful enigma but are there also viruses that do not harm the host at all. Can one girl decipher the lethal virus from the non-lethal and clear up all mystery surrounding the world that she is trapped in, or forever be engulfed in infection?

Short Summary: HETERO/SHOUNENAI. Viruses are an infectious, painful enigma that plague the unsuspecting. Can one girl decipher the lethal virus from the non-lethal and clear up all mystery surrounding the world that she is trapped in, or forever be engulfed in infection?



By: Melissa Norvell




A virus is an infectious agent that is unable to reproduce outside of a host. Viruses can infect any type of life form. They have different mechanisms by which they reproduce disease in a host. If enough disease kills off parts of the organism, it suffers the consequences and may eventually die.

Not all viruses are bad. Some may exist harmlessly in a host. Some are merely chronic infections that continue to reproduce despite the hosts' defenses. There is a debate on whether or not a virus is alive. They have no cells, but they have genes and evolve by natural selection. Some have described the virus as an organism at the edge of life.

Their origin is unclear and most don't fossilize well so there is little information on their past. It is possible that they represent a primitive form of self-replicating. They are considered a precursor to life currently defined.

Once a viron, or complete virus has infected the host, if nothing is done then the virus will reproduce out of control and completely infect the host, causing it to succumb to sickness or even death.


It was pitch black.

It had been so dark that everything had been consumed. The only things that seemed to hold any light were a few sparsely spread rose bushes, a girl's figure that lay on the ground and a giant wooden crucifix with an angel pinned to it.

The girl seemed unconscious as she lay on the colorless ground. Her petite form was hugged lightly by the dark green petals and dirty blood colored blossoms as velvet petals touched ivory skin. Her eyes were shut, their color hidden from the world. Pink, long, wavy tresses spilled onto the ground in large loops and her mid-cheek bangs covered her face. This girl appeared to be in her mid-teens and wore a school uniform that consisted of a white, skin tight t-shirt with a pocket on the left breast which bore a shield that had been embroidered in red and gold. Her skirt was short and plaid of red and navy. Her socks were mid-calf and baggy with leather black loafers.

Dew clung to the ground all around her as she lay there, motionless for quite sometime. A few stray drops of clear liquid splashed against her skin and caused her to stir. She slowly opened her eyes, now a vibrant green and rose bit by bit as she propped herself on one forearm. The pink-haired girl was half-lidded as her vision slowly came into focus.

Before her was an awesome sight- an angel hung on a crucifix. He wore a white, long shirt with a collar. It resembled something you might see a pirate wear. He also wore long, plain brown pants and a cross necklace made of obsidian. The angel wore an eye patch over his right eye and had shoulder-length hair of an equally black color. The dark haired angel's wings were pinned to the cross. His hands and feet possessed steaks and dry streaks of blood had been present on each of them. It was almost as if this skinny man had been nailed to his cross for a long time.

All the girl could do was stare with a mix of emotion about the situation presented before her. The girl noticed that there was a large rose bush at the bottom of the crucifix which climbed up the cross and even grew on his body.

How long had this angel be there?

She looked around slowly. All around her, there was nothing but darkness so black that one could not see their hand in front of their face. It was as if that small place that they had existed was the only place that gave off any type of light and the source of light was even unknown.

'Why is it black? Did I fall from up there?'Green eyes looked up towards what one would assume to be the heavens. A few stray drops of rain fell, as if a rainstorm had stopped. But she didn't remember it raining at all. Perhaps it did when she had been passed out. Her form was dampened after all. 'What happened? Where am I?'

She then looked back at the angel and her eyes widened and she gasped.

To Continued…

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