K/N and G/L Fluff

K/N and G/L Fluff!

Christmas away from home.

Collage. A time of work and preparing for your job. Now Christmas. A time of spending time with your family and friends. Telling the little brothers, sisters, and cousins about Old St. Nick (Oo I just got that) and if they're good the get lots of toys and gifts from him. But for four unsuspecting friends they spend it at collage.

"This sucks. I blame everyone." Gabby said sadly.

"Gabs, stop complaining. I don't get to see my family either." Kara said.

"It's not like I really care about my family." Lure replied looking out the window where white powdery flakes poured down from the gray sky.

"Lure! You're just a jerk and you know it!" Gabby yelled at him.

"You may be right Gabby dear, but I'm your jerk."

"Damn, I hate it when he's right."

"I just wish this snow storm didn't come so suddenly." Kara said squeezing Nick's hand. (Who hasn't said anything yet.)

"At least we have each other." Lure said sarcastically nudging Nick in the ribs.

"You know something? That kinda hurt." Nick said whacking him in the back of the head.

"Why I outta…" Lure held his fist out and scowled. Gabby laughed and Kara rolled her eyes.

"Maybe we should be in the 'Christmas Spirit'." Nick said glaring slightly toward Lure.

Gabby and Lure looked at each other and said "I don't necessarily have a religion. Or any beliefs in Santa Claus." Nick rolled his eyes and Kara grabbed the phone.

"Kares stop trying. If the phone didn't work 10 minutes ago what makes you think it'll work now?" Gabby asked frustrated.

"It could work." Kara suggested. She put her ear to the phone. "Damn. It doesn't work."

Nick shook his head and Gabby rested hers on Lure's shoulders. Lure sighed and rubbed the back of his head. They all sat down in a circle on the carpet of the Two bedroom apartments' den.

"Well how about since we're all her we talk about life and Collage and stuff." Everyone nodded except Lure who was being his usual self.

"OOOOOOHHHH! PICK ME! PICK ME!" Kara yelled waving her hand in the air. Everyone yelled 'GO ALREADY!'

"Okay, okay so as everyone knows I go to the University of Michigan and I am in a writing class and my teacher said I was a potential writer!" Kara clapped for herself and realized no one else was clapping and sat in Nick's lap. Nick tried to push her off but she wouldn't budge.

"I'LL GO! Lure insists!" Gabby yelled. Lure shook his head in a 'Did not' fashion. "I go to NYU and I obviously want to be a writer. My teacher said when my book is published she would totally buy it!" Kara clapped as Gabby jumped into Lure's confused arms. He dropped her and she landed on the ground with a thud. Lure waved Nick to go.

"Is she…" Nick started pointing to Gabby who was rubbing her butt and sticking her tongue out at Lure. Lure nodded and waved him again to go. "Umm… I…are you sure?" Lure nodded. "I go to Ohio State…" Kara booed him and Nick slapped her back. "I go to Ohio State to be a Graphic Designer and my Professer says I have a lot of potential if I would get of my lazy runp and do my work."

"THAT'S MY NICKY POO!" Kara screamed happily and gave Nick a big hug. Lure looked a little disgusted.

"LURE BABY YOU SHOW THEM YOU ARE BETTA!" Gabby cheered hugging (Glomping) him.

"Fine. If you would stop huggin me." Gabby ran over to Kara and they started hugging. "I go to NYU and I don't really know what I wanna become. But my teacher's love me." Gabby and Kara started whispering things like 'He's gonna be in the FBI' or 'A Lawyer' or 'A secret Agent'. Lure sighed and sat back down.

"LET ME BE WITH YOOOOOOOUU! Oh Oh Oh Oh YEAH! Oh Oh Oh Oh YEAH! LET ME BE WITH YOUUUUU!" Gabby sang. Kara clapped. Lure sighed and Nick looked frightnend. "Just trying to brighten the mood!" Gabby said happily.

"How about we play something that won't make us want to die?" Nick suggested.

"Like Scrabble." Lure said.

"LURE?! You like boring games like Scrabble?" Gabby asked shocked.

"No. I don't like games. But if it helps from causing self inflicted injuries, I'll play."

"How about we play Life?" Kara suggested.

"The Game of Life!" Gabby sang. Everyone nodded except Lure.

"You playing Lure?" Nick asked as Kara got the game out.

"Sure. Why not."

"Say don't we have individual teams?" Gabby asked.

"We have to anyway." Lure pointed out. They started to play. Gabby graduated collage with a big house and had it made. Lure graduated the same with a BIGGER house and MORE money. Nick and Kara graduated middle class. Gabby spinned the spinner and landed on the baby thing. She said "I'm a mommy!" And put another person in the car. Every chance she could Kara took another person out of the box and added it to her car. Nick rolled his eyes.

In the end Lure ended up the richest with no family, Gabby the second richest with a child who she called her love child. Kara was third with a car full of people and Nick ended the poorest with a child who Gabby called his love child.

"Sooooo… what now?" Kara asked throwing the board in the box.

Everyone(except Lure) shrugged and sat in a random spot. Lure went into the kitchen to get a drink. And out of Gabby and Kara's boredom, they made a scene. Lure came back into the room.

"LURE!" Gabby yelled sadly with tears falling out of her eyes. She began to say something but hid her wet, red face in Kara's shirt.

Kara shook her head. "Lure I can't believe that you're drinking beer like that! You, you Alcholic!" Kara threw a shoe at Lure who dodged it with an awkward expression on his face.

"I don't drink. It's soda. Chill out." He showed us the can and Gabby tried to hide her laughter.

"Uh Lure? I think you got pranked." Nick said trying not to laugh. Lure looked a little confused.

"I don't get how you think this is beer." Lure sounded incredibly serious now. Gabby still pretended to cry while Kara stroked her dark blonde hair. Kara seemed very disappointed.

"But it says it right there Lure! BEER!" Kara had tears falling out of her eyes now. Kara hid her face into Gabby's shaking back.

"It is no…" Lure looked at the can. Sure enough there was a fake label for a beer Nick's dad drank once a year. (Just wanted to Clarify that Nick's dad isn't a drunkie) Lure rolled his eyes and chucked the full OPEN can at Gabby and Kara and when it hit them Gabby yelped and Kara cheered. Lure walked back into the kitchen.

"Nice prank. Sure got him." Nick said smiling toward Kara. Kara smiled back and Gabby eyed them suspiciously. Gabby whispered something to Kara and Kara nodded.

"Got'cha." Kara said winking and smiling as she walked into the bathroom. Gabby sat down calmly next to Lure, who was a little suspicious.

"Gabby, you're unusually calm. Is everything alright?" Lure asked suspiciously.

"Yeah. I'm perfectly find, thanks for asking!" Gabby said smiling a sweet, kind smile.

The bathroom door opened loudly and quickly with Kara rushing out surprised. Gabby and Nick ran to her side quickly. Even Lure turned around to see what was wrong.

"What is it Kares?" Kara fanned her face. "Kares? Kares? Kara? What is it?" Gabby asked shaking Kara's shoulders. Lure walked to their side.

"Kara, please speak." Lure said trying to keep the situation calm. Kara continued to fan her face worried.

"Kara, what's wrong? Is everything all right?" Nick asked.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." Kara said hyperventilating.

"Kara, please talk. It'll help if you…" Lure was trying to find the words.

"Tell us what happened." Nick said finishing Lure's sentence. Lure nodded in thanks.

"Kara, please let s know we're there for you." Gabby said with her arms around her shoulders.

Kara looked up with fear and confusion on her face. "I-I'm pr-pr- pregnant." All became silence. Lure looked at Nick and Nick's eyes were really wide.

Gabby seemed the most surprised. "What?! You're Pregnant?" Gabby said spitting the word 'pregnant.' Kara nodded and Gabby gave the shaking Kara a sad bear hug. Lure tried his best to calm Kara down. Nick just stood there in shock.

"Well, we all learned a lesson…" Lure started.

"What?" Gabby asked.

"Birth control, not a bad idea." Gabby rolled her eyes and led Kara to the couch.

"Well this Christmas Eve is a huge disappointment." Gabby stated as Kara hugged her knees to her chest conservatively. Lure shrugged and Gabby glared at him. "We should all go to bed. See if tomorrow is going to be better.

"Are you sure you aren't trying to get us to bed so Santa can come?" Lure asked with fake uncertainty. Gabby glared at him again. Lure shrugged again.

"Sleeping arrangements will change tonight." Lure looked happy. "Kares will be sleeping with me…" Nick tried his best not to laugh and Lure was looking a little creeped out. "And Lurey poo will be sleeping with Nicky poo." Lure and Nick's eyes widened in fright.

Lure sighed and went back to his usual expressionless expression. (?) "As long as he doesn't try anything… and get ME pregnant." Lure smirked.

"You know something Lure," Nick started. "You have been spending to much time around Gabby and Kara." Nick stated. Lure nodded sadly. They walked off to their rooms and as soon as Gabby and Kara locked their door they busted out into laughter.

"I can't believe they actually bought it!" Kara said in between laughs.

"Even Lure!" Gabby said choking on air. They laughed for a while until a very sleep Lure came into the room telling them to shut the hell up unless they wanted to wake up in the artic ocean.

"How did you get in here anyway?!" Gabby yelled throwing a shoe at him.

"I broke the lock. DUH." Lure said stomping off.

"This is someone's apartment you know! Nick's to be exact!" Gabby yelled angrily back.

"Hm, I wonder what they're doing." Kara said getting the shoe back and putting it under the mattress.

"I don't know. Wanna spy?" Gabby said with a devious smile on her face. Kara returned the smile with one of her own. They quietly snuck out of the room and peeked through the crack of Lure and Nick's room.

"Just as I thought," Kara whispered to Kara. "They're not sleeping."

"What else would they be doing?" Gabby whispered back.

"I don't… know I can't see." Kara whispered kind of disappointed.

"Open the door more." Gabby encouraged. So she did and now they could see a clear vision of Lure talking to Nick. Nick was trying to hide his laughter (Which Lure had no trouble hiding) The two girls sighed in defeat as they snuck back to their room. Once in the room they turned on a flashlight.

"Well that was disappointing." Gabby said with her shoulders slumped. Kara sighed and nodded.

"How about we make up a fake conversation between them?" Kara suggested.

"How about we tell fake stories (Fanfictions) About what could have happened instead of that?" Gabby suggested smiling. Kara threw her fist in the air and silently cheered. "You start Kares." Gabby said.

"It was a snowy Christmas night. Two young collage students, Nick and…" Kara finished her story and Gabby started hers. For what seemed like hours they told each other fake stories until they both became sleepy and fell into a silent slumber.

That Morning

"Guys, guys! It's Christmas!" Gabby and Kara cheered jumping onto the boys sleeping bodies. Lure woke up angrily and forces Nick awake so he could also take the torture. Nick awoke and slapped Lure across the face and they both jumped out of bed and formed a fighting stance. Nick's expression softened and Lure gave a small smile that made Gabby proud. Kara whispered Gabby something and she nodded yelling "Group hug! Come on guys, just once! It's Christmas!" Nick shrugged and Lure (Almost) willingly joined as the four friends shared a tight, friendly embrace.

They ran out (Lure and Nick walked) to the chimney where they saw a note on the coffee table. Lure read it aloud and it said 'Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!'

"You think…?" Nick asked.

"Nah. W-well I hope not." Lure said shuddering at the thought of some random fat dude dressed in fur breaking into an apartment in the middle of the night.

All in all they had a great Christmas. But one question was left unanswered… was Kara really pregnant? Or was it just a prank?

Ah, well you may never know with them. Lots of questions are always left unanswered in the (Mis) Adventures of the four of them but one thing is for sure, when they're together watch out. You might be in for a crazy wide.