The next day went by slowly. Tessa spent the time watching the breeze blow through the trees and slipping in and out of her dazes. She found herself slightly anticipating the return of Mimi and her family. Tessa wanted to figure out what they had in store for her home. She couldn't imagine losing it, especially to the living. Perhaps they were only fixing it up to improve the landmark's value? But then, why would they need to improve the value if they weren't going to do anything with it? They couldn't be...moving in, right? That would be...well, that would be absurd. Who moves into an old, burnt up house from the 1800's? Tessa glanced to the ground. Maybe she had underestimated these people. And what of their little girl, Mimi? Tessa couldn't stop thinking about her and her unique ability. It had been years since she had seen people, let alone one who could actually see her. Now, having someone who could not only talk to her but grab her hand was a little scary, to be exact.

Tessa heard the familiar screeching of the Ashmore's car. She stood up from the floor and walked through the wall of her home. The strange feeling of slipping through water followed. Once Tessa was outside, she saw something she wasn't expecting. There were two cars. Before Tessa had time to think, a short man with pale skin and light blonde hair got out of the second car. Tessa frowned. She knew this man. Well, rather, she recognized him. She didn't know his name, but she had seen him on her property before. What was he doing with the Ashmores? At that moment, Tessa noticed the woman called Evelyn taking Mimi out of the other car. Mimi looked around and pronptly saw Tessa. She smiled widely and began to run towards her. Tessa sighed, but smiled.

"Tessie!", Mimi shouted. Mimi ran up to Tessa and hugged her. Tessa still half expected Mimi to run right through her. Evelyn and Arthur Ashmore were too busy talking with the short man to notice that their daughter had run off. Tessa pulled herself out of Mimi's hug.

"Mimi, who is that man with your parents?", Tessa asked. Mimi looked up and half frowned.

"That's Mr. Brown. He's helping", Mimi responded slowly. Tessa looked over at the Ashmores and Mr. Brown. They seemed to be involved in a deep conversation. Mr. Brown kept pointing towards Tessa's house.

"What's he helping with?", Tessa asked. Mimi looked slightly confused, and then realization dawned on her.

"Oh, he's helping my Mommy and Daddy buy the house," Mimi said while pointing to Tessa's home. Tessa's eyes widened. They were going to buy her house!

"Mimi, why are you buying my house? You don't...I mean, you're not intending to live here, are you?", Tessa asked shakily. Mimi simply smiled and nodded her head. Tessa shook her head and looked up from Mimi. It all made sense now. Teears began to run down Tessa's cheeks. The dissapeared into nothingness as they fell off her face. Mimi looked horrified. She grabbed Tessa's hand and shook it.

"Tessie...Tessie, what's the matter? Why are you crying, Tessie?", Mimi whispered. Tessa sniffed and tried to wipe away her tears.

"Mimi, I just need a minute. Go back to your mother, okay?", Tessa responded. Mimi's eyes hardened.

"No. No, Tessie. Not until you stop crying", Mimi whimpered. Tessa looked at the small girl. She was staring back into Tessa's eyes with a very determined but hopeful look. Her hair was in pigtails again, and she was bundled up in a coat. Tessa smiled slightly at the sight of the sweet child with such a determined look on her face. Tessa sniffed a little, and then straightened up.

"It's okay, Mimi. I'm okay," Tessa soothed. She looked from Mimi to the Ashmores to Mr. Brown and sighed. Maybe if she could find out more information about this family, she could find out how to make them leave.

"Tessie, whatcha doin?", Mimi asked casually. Tessa smiled and sniffed.

"Nothing, Mimi. Do you suppose that your parents will be busy for a while?", Tessa asked. Mimi nodded vigorously. Tessa smiled.

"Come with me, Mimi. There's something I want to show you."