Whispers in the Dark


My maid came rushing in as I woke up from another one of my all-too-real nightmares. I looked toward the door checking to see if it was open just a crack, and groaned when I remembered that my maid came bursting through the door just seconds before I could check.

"Are you all right, miss?" my maid asked as she fussed over me. These nightmares had been recurring for almost a year. It was the same thing every time. Someone would creep silently into my room, lean over me as I slept, and whisper words of unbearable pain and misery. It was always the same person, though I could only see his face. He was pale with hair as dark as a funeral, and his eyes were the color of red silk from China. His voice was the song of all the creatures of the night when he spoke of my parents' (who were a king and queen) death and how he would kill me with the same knife.

But that wasn't the worst part.

He would count down how many days I had left right before he would leave for me to wake up screaming. I was now down to three days.

I held my head in my hands as I started crying.

Three days until I kill you.

It couldn't be possible.

"Miss, was it another nightmare?" my maid fussed over me even more. She was always so worried about me.

"Yes," I choked out, "But I'll be fine. You may go."

My maid left me to be alone in my bedroom. I stopped my tears and walked over to my mirror.

I looked hideous.

My once envied brown curls where a mess of knots atop my head. The face underneah the clump of hair was wild with sleep-deprived eyes and early wrinkles. No girl of 15 should have that ugly face, and I was a princess wearing it. How awful. My body was so skinny from not eating that I looked like a skeleton in my white nightgown. The demon haunting my sleep was driving me crazy. I could no longer recognize myself.

I had to find a way to destroy the demon and regain my sanity.

Then, I had the perfect idea to regain my life just as my last drop of sanity left me.

I slept a very light sleep on the night of my death, waiting impatiently for the demon to come. The door slowly creaked open as a foot came into my room. Then, the rest of the demon of my nightmares came walking in. He creeped in so silently I barely even heard the footsteps on the floor as he came toward me. When he was finally next to me, he leaned over my head and started whispering the words that brought up all my fears every night for the past year.

"You shall die just how your parents did, by my knife on your throat," he whispered in my ear, his voice like daggers piercing my body. No human being could ever sound that evil.

My few remaining minutes of life were ticking away so fast.

His voice grew colder as he counted the seconds away until my death.


I could feel a dagger on my. It was cold to the touch and sent shivers down my spine.


Blood. Everywhere. My eyes were wide open as I stared maliciously into his China silk eyes. I smiled as I watched the China silk turn to a gray mist as he fell to the floor. His body was limp and lifeless as I pulled my dagger out of his blood drenched chest.

"You're dead," I whispered in his ear.

Revenge is so sweet.