I'm Happy Sulking!

I willed myself to go back to sleep as the sunlight beat down on my face, but sleep didn't come. Just like every year on this horrendous day, I lay in bed and drew my curtains so no light came in, allowing my sorrow to take over me. But never did I cry.

Seth came to my door, like he always did and tried to coax me out of my room, but I refused. He complained about being hungry, and, like always, I told him to go rummage through the kitchen and find something to eat. He did as I said and left me alone for the rest of the day.

Everything went as it usually did, except for the fact that at around three, I heard a door open and close and voices coming from downstairs. Seth never left the house on this day until night, in hopes that I might want to come out and talk to him, and he never invited people over, so why now?

I was curious, but not enough to actually go outside and find out what was going on.

To distract myself from the heavier of my troubles, I thought about the last time I had seen Caleb and the unbelievable guilt I felt about that fight. It was the worst feeling to look at his house and know that I had yelled at him for caring about me. I replayed the argument between us in my head so many times and I couldn't help but think how stupid it was. I had completely overreacted. After I had cleared my head, I realized that nothing he said about Callum was actually true and I should have explained that to him calmly instead of blowing up at him and doubting my boyfriend's intentions. He was a good guy. Both of them were.

It had been a week since then and we still hadn't made up. He called me a couple of times the day after, but, when I didn't pick up, he didn't call again. He was probably just waiting for me to call him back; for me to cool down. Same old Caleb.

I sighed in bed and when I looked at the clock, it read 4:26. Like every year, around this time I started to feel gross and I dug out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I wasn't going to be seeing Callum today, so what was the point of being uncomfortable? I opened my door a tiny bit and heard the sound of the TV and nothing else. All of that commotion must've been part of my imagination. Now that it was confirmed that Seth was downstairs, I crept towards the bathroom.

As soon as I stepped out, though, Seth's voice rang out from downstairs like it always did. And he said the same thing: "Rosie, can you please come downstairs, sweetie? You can't continue like this every year! You should know that it's not your fault."

"That's the thing. It is," I said in a voice so low it was barely a whisper. With a slight shake of my head, I made my way to the bathroom.

After showering, I finally felt clean and locked myself in my room again. I put on my contacts and tied up my hair and, when I looked in the mirror, I almost smiled. I looked like myself, before Callum infiltrated my wardrobe. Then, I sat on my bed and started to read.

At around eight, I listened for the sound of a door opening and closing and then opened my door. Because Seth can't cook, he left the house every year and went out to eat dinner. This was the only time in the day that I would risk going to the kitchen to eat and Seth knew that I wouldn't leave my room unless he was gone.

Carefully, I made my way down the steps so I wouldn't trip in the dark. When I reached the bottom of the staircase, I patted the wall with an outstretched hand, searching for the light switch. "Aha!" I said quietly when I gently pushed up the switch and light filled the room.

I nearly had a heart attack at the sight.


After the shout, something that sounded akin to a gunshot sounded in the air, making me jump before I was covered in small pieces of colorful, shiny paper. I screamed, stumbling backwards and clutching my heart in fright as I watched the confetti drift toward the floor. In front of me stood Seth, Alexis, the three brothers, their parents, and Callum, all with giant grins on their faces and laughter filling the air.

"You should've seen your face!" Jayden shouted, laughing hysterically, clutching at his sides.

"Happy birthday!" Seth exclaimed. I scanned the happy faces in shock and then my eyes finally rested on Seth, whose smug expression dissolved at my glare.

"What the hell is this?" I hissed, my eyes narrow slits.

Confusion etched on everyone's faces when they saw my anger, except for Seth. Guiltily, he came to me and pulled me into the kitchen, with an 'excuse us.'

"What the hell is this?" I repeated, wrenching my arm out of his hand and pointing in the direction of the living room.

"It's a surprise party," he said simply.

"I know that, idiot," I spat. "But why is this?"

Seth looked at me with a pleading expression. "Rosie, I hate seeing you sulking like this. It's your birthday and I want you to be happy."

"I'm happy sulking," I growled out, my tone contradicting my statement.

He raised an eyebrow at me and his expression became one of disbelief before it softened. "For six years, I've tolerated the way you act on your birthday. Six years. And I can't take it anymore. I love you, Rosie, and your birthday happens to be one of the greatest days of my life because I got such an awesome little sister. And it kills me when you act this way. I want to celebrate this day!"

"This may be the best day for you, but it's the worst day for me. It's bad enough that August 2nd has to come every year! I want to spend it the way I want to!" I said, angrily.

Seth's patience wore out and his tone mimicked mine. "Not this year, you don't. This year, you are going to celebrate your birthday and you are going to like it, damn it!" I quirked an eyebrow at him in a challenge and he sighed, his expression becoming pleading. "Look. Everyone is waiting outside right now and they all want to see you happy. Please just do this today and if you don't like it, I promise, we'll go back to how you usually spend your birthday, okay?" I contemplated his words and hesitated as my angry expression dissolved and my eyebrows furrowed in indecision. Aware that he was winning, Seth pressed on, a mischievous smile dancing across his lips, making me immediately suspicious. "You really don't want to disappoint everyone out there do you? I mean, if we ask them to leave, they'll want to know why a seventeen-year-old girl wouldn't want to celebrate her birthday." My mouth hung open in surprise and his smirk widened, leaning towards me and whispering, "You wanna tell them or should I?"

"It's as much your secret as mine," I said, mimicking his volume and staring into the storm in his eyes, which I could just imagine was reflected in mine.

His smile dropped and seriousness dripped from his words. "But I'm not the one with the problem with sharing."

The pain I felt was mirrored in his eyes and I only just realized that I wasn't in this alone. I clenched my jaw and sighed deeply, feeling myself giving in. "You are the most manipulative person I have ever met."

He suddenly grinned happily, taking that as a concession. "Learned from the best," he teased. I gave a short, hoarse laugh, feeling my spirits lift slightly as Seth hugged me to him.

"You owe me big time," I muttered into his chest, a smile tugging at my lips.

"Admit it. You love me," he laughed, ruffling my hair affectionately.

I shoved him away roughly, hiding my smile from him. He seriously had no idea how much. But I wasn't going to let him know that. "Psh, yeah, right."

Seth snorted and draped his arm around my shoulders, steering me in the direction of the guests. When I entered the living room, hesitation and confusion was etched onto their faces when they spotted me. I gave them a sheepish smile, the pressure from Seth's arm comforting me. "I'm sorry about how I acted. I was just...shocked. But I'm really happy you're all here."

Smiles broke out at my explanation and everyone rushed to greet me. I hugged Mrs. Johnson as she wished me a happy birthday and Mr. Johnson placed a hand on my shoulder affectionately. Alexis gave me a huge smile that lit up her gorgeous face and a bone-crushing hug, which was a lot less awkward now than it would have been a few weeks ago. When I reached Nate, he gave me a huge hug, as did Jay, both wishing me well.

"Happy birthday, love," I heard behind me. A pair of arms wrapped around my stomach and I smiled, turning around to see Callum smiling back at me.

"Thank you," I said, smiling toothily at my gorgeous boyfriend. He kissed me softly and I blushed when Jayden wolf-whistled.

When I pulled away, Callum kept an arm wrapped around my waist, keeping me glued to his side. As soon as we were no longer engulfed in each other, nervousness and guilt bubbled up in the pit of my stomach when I realized I hadn't greeted one person in particular. I looked around the room, eyebrows furrowed in confusion when I didn't spot him. Where was Caleb?

"What about me?" I heard his smooth voice say.

I spun around and for the first time today, I smiled a genuine smile. "Caleb!" I got out of Callum's grip and hugged Caleb tightly, breathing in his scent. "I am so sorry for the other day, really," I said in his ear, clutching him to me as if the strength of my hold would show him just how sincere I was.

He rubbed my back softly with his hand, his hold on me just as strong. "No, I'm sorry for being so pushy. I made assumptions when I shouldn't have and that was wrong."

I pulled away to see him looking at me apologetically and I smiled brightly, letting him know everything was okay. "It's alright. So we're cool then?"

He nodded. "We're cool." He returned my smile and he made my stomach flip-flop. "But then, today is about you. Happy seventeenth, Rosie."

"Thank you."

"You like the decorations?" I heard Jayden ask, diverting my attention to him.

I looked around the room and my heart swelled with joy as I saw the colorful ribbons and streamers and balloons swooping down and around the living room. I had no idea how I hadn't seen them before. A huge smile made its way to my face and I nodded eagerly. "I love them."

He grinned cheekily in response. "You'd better! It took like five hours and I did all the work. These bums," he said, gesturing to his brothers, "didn't do anything. See? I even have battle scars." He walked toward me and began showing me a paper cut on his finger.

Nate's mouth hung open and he stormed over to us. "What the hell are you talking about? Rose," he said, making me look from Jayden's cut to him, "he got that trying to get tape out the dispenser in the first five minutes and then just complained the rest of the time."

I looked at Jayden with an eyebrow raised, amused at the story. Now that sounded like him. "That's complete bullshit!" Jayden shouted at Nate, shoving his brother and making me laugh.

They both started arguing over who did more work and I looked at Caleb, who was shaking his head with a small smile. "Idiots," he muttered and I nodded in agreement. Then he cocked his head to the side and his smile gave way to a bemused expression. "How could you even think of not letting us celebrate your birthday?" he asked, suddenly. My heart dropped at the question and I tried thinking of a lie to tell him, but at that moment my eyes caught Callum's who was staring at me and Caleb angrily. Caleb noticed my expression and his eyebrows furrowed in worry. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," I lied, forcing a smile and looking back at Caleb.

Caleb glanced behind him, following where my eyes were before to Callum. When he turned back to me, he was frowning. "I don't want to pry into your life where you don't want me to, but we really need to talk about-" he started in hushed tones, but he was cut off by Seth's voice.

"Rosie?" I wiped any semblance of my troubled expression from my face and turned to look at him. He was beaming. "I have a surprise for you."

I groaned, playfully. "God, Seth. Another surprise?"

"Trust me. You'll like this one," he said, smirking.

"Like this? You better love this!"

I gasped at the voice and my eyes widened at the stunning girl standing in the doorway. "Lana!" I shrieked in happiness. I ran to her and launched myself at her and she squeezed me back with as much fervor, shouting out, "Baby!" in response.

I pushed her away, holding her shoulders at arm's length, staring at her to make sure she was really there. When I was sure it was really her I squealed loudly in excitement and hugged her again. She looked the same, but her red-brown hair was longer and her skin was tanner. Her blue eyes shone brightly as she looked at me. "I missed you so much!"

"Me too! Oh my God, do you realize how hot you look?" she asked me as she pulled away. I waved the compliment aside and Jayden whistled again.

I shot him a glare and he smiled cheekily before I turned back to my best friend. "Me? What about you?" She rolled her eyes, but her smile gave away her pleasure at the compliment. "When'd you get here?"

"Just now, actually. Seth called this morning and said that he was sending a car for me. I'm just glad that you're finally celebrating your-" I shushed her hurriedly by putting my finger to my lips. Nobody needed to know that this was the first time I celebrated my birthday. Especially Caleb. She rolled her eyes and shut her mouth, catching the hint. "Well, happy birthday."

"Thanks," I mumbled.

Seth came to stand near us and looked at me with a huge, smug smile. "Am I not the best brother in the world?"

I shook my head with a smile. "Shut up, loser."

He laughed and looked around to everyone else. "She's not going to admit it, but I am." Our guests laughed in response, watching our reunion with amused eyes, before Seth addressed me again. "Aunt Suzie was going to come too, but she said she was sick, so she couldn't make it." He saw my worried expression and calmed my thoughts. "It's nothing serious," he assured me. "She said she just had a cold and that she'll call you tomorrow."

"Well, that sucks. I hope she gets better," I said to him with a frown. Then my eyes brightened as my worry subsided and I turned to face Lana. "Let me introduce you to everyone!" I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the others. "Okay, well, you know Alexis-" Alexis waved. "This is Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, they live next door-" They smiled. "Nate-" Nate smiled, cutely. "Jayden-" He winked, making her giggle (Lana was such a flirt). "My boyfriend, Callum-" He smiled, showing his dimples.

"Hello," he said, the word rolling off his tongue, smooth as silk.

Lana nudged me and whispered in my ear, "I think I'm in love."

I rolled my eyes, but smiled. It was easy to forget just how incredibly charming Callum was. "And this is Caleb." Caleb smiled at her. "And everyone, this is Lana."

"A.K.A. the coolest person you'll ever meet," Lana said, laughing. "I've heard a lot about you guys."

"Have you now?" Caleb asked, looking at me with a sparkle in his eyes.

I rolled my eyes at him, amused, and Lana went to go talk to the three brothers, while Callum pulled me to the side, resuming his hold on me by wrapping his arm around my waist.

"What did I say about them, Rosemary?" he whispered in my ear. I gasped when he tightened his hold so much that it hurt.

I tore his arm off me, hard. "Callum, stop it, you're hurting me," I said, in hushed tones. "Besides, I didn't even know they were going to be here, I just-"

He cut me off and his green eyes bore into my grey ones. His expression was cold and hard and it scared me. "I know you've been hanging out with them."

I crossed my arms across my chest, defiantly. "How do you know that?"

His face became one of amused scorn and he shook his head at me. "I'm not deaf, Rosemary. Or blind. I saw how you hugged them. Especially Caleb. How else could you have possibly gotten into a fight with him? Why else would you have needed to apologize to him?"

Wow. Seriously. I felt like the biggest idiot ever. All those days of lying and being sneaky flew right out the window. "Well, it's not like I said I was going to stop hanging out with them completely. I have lessened it a lot."

He lowered his lips to my ear and said in a low, menacing voice, "That's not good enough. You are not allowed to be friends with them, got it?"

"Or what? You can't make me," I challenged, narrowing my eyes.

Callum's eyes flashed with anger and I immediately regretted my words. He grabbed my wrist roughly and pulled me to him making me wince, as he wrapped his arms around me. To everyone else, it would look like he was just hugging me, but I could feel the tense muscles in his body and the clench of his jaw. With one arm keeping me in place against him, he grabbed my chin, hard, with his other hand, making me look at him. His body was blocking me from the view of the others and I stared into his darkened glare with fear.

"Let me tell you what your options are, okay? You either do as I say, or I'll do exactly that. If you ever go against me again, I swear to God, Rosemary, I will make you regret it. Understand?" When I didn't respond, he tightened his grip on my face until it hurt. "Understand?" I nodded furiously, my eyes wide and scared. "Good." His face instantly softened and he moved his hand to caress my cheek, in an almost loving gesture. "Things would be so much easier if you would just listen to me. I really don't want to hurt you."

"Then don't," I said meekly, my earlier spunk gone as my heart raced.

"But how else are you going to learn?" he asked, completely serious. "I just want the best for you."

My mouth hung open, at a loss for words when Seth called, "Hey! Cut it out!" Before Callum let go of me, though, he raised a finger to his lips, telling me silently to be quiet. Then, he released me.

As soon as I was free from his grasp, I took a huge step back and looked at Seth who was staring at us. I gave him a sheepish smile and he turned back around, content that he did his brotherly duty by scolding us about our public affection. When I was sure he wasn't looking anymore, I turned my head back to Callum reluctantly, only to see him smiling at me freely, every indication of the previous conversation gone.

The smell of pizza reached my nose and my stomach rumbled, dragging me out of my thoughts. I hadn't eaten all day and food seemed like a great idea. Callum laughed at me and drew me near him, this time very gently. At his touch, though, I couldn't help it: I flinched. "Hungry?" he asked, ignoring my involuntary spasm. I nodded slowly, unsure of how to respond. How could he be so nonchalant about threatening me?

As I ate slowly, surrounded by all of my loved ones, my thoughts kept going back to Callum's threats. I took a couple of bites of pizza and looked over to Callum who was sitting next to me at the table, keeping one hand on my knee. He caught me looking at him and gave me a large smile. Confused at his sudden kindness, I lifted up a corner of my mouth and turned my focus back on the pizza, refusing to look at him again. My wrist was sore where he grabbed me and I rubbed it absentmindedly. Were his threats empty or was he serious?

No. He wouldn't. He couldn't.

I shook my head of the thoughts. Callum never overreacted too badly. This was my fault. I shouldn't have kept being friends with the Johnsons a secret. I would be upset too if Callum was lying to me for weeks now.

"What's wrong?" I heard a masculine voice ask.

I looked up from my pizza at the people around me who were all looking at me after Nate addressed me. Everyone looked with worry, except for Lana and Seth who had knowing expressions. But this time, my mood wasn't because of what they thought. I looked over at Callum and his expression remained neutral as he clenched my knee tightly, making me fake smile at my friends. "Nothing. Just thinking."

Gratefully, everyone let it go and Jayden changed the subject. "Is that still your first piece?" I looked down at my pizza and nodded. "God, how slowly do you eat? I'm on my fifth," he said.

Lana scoffed a laugh. "You have no idea, this is fast for her. I stopped going out to eat with her a while ago 'cause we'd be sitting there for hours."

My mouth dropped open and I narrowed my eyes at her. "So, it's your fault we don't go out anymore." She shrugged, giving me a 'what are you going to do?' look.

"Not only that," Seth joined in, "but when she does eat, it's like practically nothing."

I opened my mouth to protest as Caleb pointed at me eagerly. "I've noticed that too! Every time I eat with her, I keep trying to shove food down her throat. She's like a damned rabbit."

"Yeah, I feel like one day when it's really windy, she's just gonna be blown away," Nate added, making everyone chuckle in agreement.

That comment led to an onslaught of comments about how weird I can be, ranging from my cleaning habits- "Her room's always spotless. One time, I actually had one of my buddies confirm that she doesn't have OCD."- to the way I sneeze- "It sounds like a rocket going off."- to my clumsiness- "In seventh grade, she tripped down two consecutive flights of stairs between periods. It was the best thing I've ever seen."

"Hey!" I shouted, interrupting everyone from insulting me some more. They all looked at me confused. "It's my birthday. Aren't you guys supposed to be nice to me?"

They looked at each other thoughtfully and I felt some smugness at having gotten them to stop. It's not like it really bothered me that much. I mean, it was slightly annoying, but it was all true. When I actually thought I won, they simultaneously looked at me with smiles on their faces and said, "No."

I groaned in frustration as they started up again and slumped in my chair, finishing my pizza without another word.

As soon as I finished eating (everyone stared at me until I quickened my pace), it was time to cut the cake. It was a chocolate cake that looked and smelled delicious, sugar flowers resting gracefully on top with icing piped along the edges. Seventeen candles shone brightly against the dimmed lighting and I was surrounded by smiling faces. They sang softly and happily, but I couldn't help it; I wasn't happy.

My fearful thoughts about Callum were replaced by anguish as I thought about the reason I hated this day. The reason I had no parents. The reason I lived every day with self-loathing and pain.

I was standing there with a smile on my face, but it wasn't genuine.

The singing stopped and I shut my eyes as I blew out the candles. Please forgive me, Mom and Dad, I wished to myself. When I opened my eyes, smoke wafted up from the cake, tickling the inside of my nostrils, and tears stung at the back of my eyes. My heart felt like it was being squeezed as Mrs. Johnson took the knife from my hand and began cutting slices out from it. I stumbled backwards -one step, two steps, three steps- until I was no longer in the circle of warmth and happiness. My vision blurred and I felt like an outsider looking in on the contentment that filled the room.

My eyes caught a pair of chocolate brown eyes, sweet as their namesake, looking at me with worry, only making me feel worse. All I did was cause pain. Pain and anguish to everyone around me.

Suddenly, the desire to seclude myself became overwhelming and I wrenched myself from the glow of his eyes only to stare into eyes the same as mine, looking back at me with sadness and understanding. Without a word to anyone, I ran up the stairs and into my room, the door shutting behind me as I took deep breaths in an attempt to calm myself.

My eyes drifted to my side table and I wrenched open the top drawer to take out the old photo of the two people I was forever indebted to. I dug it out from under all the clutter and the photo fell into my hands.

They looked so young. It was dated two years before I was born and their entire world ended. They were so happy without me and I ruined everything.

Tears threatened to escape, but I didn't allow them to fall. I didn't deserve to mourn for them. Guilt poured into my heart as I stared at the image. How could I let myself enjoy today? How could I do that to them? "I'm so sorry," I whispered past the lump in my throat, hugging the photo to my chest.


I whirled around in shock at the voice in the doorway and the photo fell from my hands, drifting slowly to the ground. I didn't even hear the door open or close. "Caleb," I breathed, blinking fast and turning my gaze to the floor so he wouldn't see the tears in my eyes. "You shouldn't be up here."

From under my lashes, I watched in horror as Caleb bent down and picked up the picture, his face turning to confusion as he took in the people. Then he looked back up at my alarmed expression. "Who're they?"

"Give that back, Caleb," I said, fiercely, grabbing at it, but he easily dodged my hands, looking at it again.

Then his eyes widened in understanding when he looked back at me. "Are these your parents?"

While he was distracted, I grabbed at the picture again and this time I was able to retrieve it. Without answering his question, I turned, put the photo back in my drawer and then rushed past him, making a mad dash for the door. Unfortunately, he anticipated my movements and caught the top of my arm before I got too close to the door. I shrugged my shoulder, attempting to make him let go, but I only succeeded in getting him to tighten his grasp. "Let. Me. Go," I growled, still facing the door.

Instead of doing that, he grabbed the top of my other arm as well and made my body face his. His grip was gentle, but firm, and didn't waver when I struggled against it. "Not until you tell me what's wrong."

Refusing to look at the concerned expression I knew would be on his face, I trained my eyes on his chest as I started to bang my fists against it. His hold didn't budge; he didn't even give me any indication that I was hurting him, not that I wanted to. Instead, he just moved his hands down the length of arms, stopping at my wrists where he held on tight, holding my clenched fists against his chest so I was unable to move them. "Why won't you just tell me what's wrong?"

At that question, I grew even more frustrated and I started pushing and pulling against him, making any maneuver possible to get him to loosen his grip. I hadn't realized how strong Caleb was until now; it was like my fists were shackled into place. "Let me go," I muttered, over and over again, hoping that the more I said it, the more likely he was to do it.

I had no idea when the pricking sensation in my eyes turned into rivers of tears flowing down my cheeks or when the fists that I was trying to pry from Caleb's hands were now clutching at his shirt, as if he were the only thing keeping me together.

I tried to restrain the tears. I couldn't cry. I wasn't allowed. I didn't deserve to. But they didn't stop. Caleb's hands that were holding my wrists moved back up my arms and to my back, pulling me close to him. My face was buried in his shirt and I leaned against him, sobs wracking through my body in forceful heaves as he stroked my hair. "It's okay. You're alright," he repeated softly, my body moving with his as he breathed a long, deep sigh.

And for some reason, I found myself believing his words. With him here, I found myself believing that everything would be okay. Gradually the tears ceased and my body shook with dry heaves. I realized what I had done. All of the walls that I made to prevent this from ever happening shattered and I left myself extremely vulnerable.

After five minutes of silence, with me just hugging him, he pulled away, looking at me warily, but kindly, as if he was afraid I was going to start crying again. "Are you okay?" he asked, his voice so soft and so smooth, I just wanted it to engulf me in its richness.

I nodded and looked away from his scorching eyes. "I'm so sorry," I whispered.

"You have nothing to be sorry about," he said, bending his head in an attempt to meet my eyes.

"I feel so stupid for doing that." After a few minutes of silence, I finally said something. "I guess I owe you an explanation."

"You don't owe me anything."

I snorted out a laugh without humor. "You seriously can't be telling me that you just let me cry all over you and now you're not even curious why I did."

"I didn't say-" He cut himself off with an exasperated sigh. "Rosie, look at me," he said, the softness in his voice mixed with a firm tone. Hesitantly, I looked at his face after I blinked back any remaining water in my eyes. His eyes were smiling down at me and I felt a small wave of happiness wash over me as I relished in the feeling. "Much better. I didn't say I wasn't curious. I just don't want you to think that you owe me anything," he corrected. "I'm here for you."

How could someone be so sincere? I sighed. "You're going to hate me after this," I said, bitterly, quietly.

"I don't think that's possible. I can never hate you, even if I tried," he said.

I pushed away from him and wrung my hands in front of me, pacing around the room for a bit, unsure of where to start. A few tears escaped my eyes and I wiped them away furiously. I took a few calming breaths, readying myself. If I was going to tell him this, then I would have to be strong. I was never going to let anyone see me like this ever again. Then I faced him and spoke in the most firm voice I could manage.

"My parents are both dead, Caleb. And it is all my fault."

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