I heard a song the other day,

Its rhythm matched my heart,

It was slow and pretty,

The chorus was my favorite part.

It talked about love,

And everything involved,

The way it ended though,

Left me very appalled.

It was on the spot,

Right down to the kiss,

But the love in the song,

It ended like this:

He went out with 'friends',

He's said so at least,

She wanted to come,

His words? "They won't be pleased."

She took it rough,

Started to think,

What had gone on,

Was starting to sink.

He didn't love,

Like he loved before,

It wasn't just,

Their life he tore.

Her heart had cracked,

Larger than most,

Chipped away,

Her life she then closed.

Bottle opened,

Behind closed door,

A picture of him,

That clearly she tore.