The Place of Absolute Denouement

"What a fool," Glidas stifled a snicker as he clenched a hand around her neck and lifted her up from the floor effortlessly. With a wicked smile, he began to speak in a twisted voice that was not his own, "I'll kill everyone who opposes me!"

Shyves opened her eyes agonizingly and struggled for air. She caught a glimpse of his face and saw the flames reflected in his coal-black eyes like they were burning deep into her soul. She breathed his name and her heart seemed to tremble in her chest.

Suddenly, she felt him flinched slightly and all her frustration and helplessness fled, replaced a sharp focus: to the bright tears that were swimming in his eyes.

"Kill me… Shyves!" Glidas stared at her through diamond tears and continued, "Kill me before I turn into a monster..."

Shyves felt tears started trailing down her cheeks, leaving salty tracks behind – there was no way she could deny his pleading gaze. Her body tensed uncontrollably, and then like a spring her arm flew upward and sword arched towards his direction. The tip of her sword slit through his leather vest like a scissor through paper and she immediately knew what would happen. She screamed his name out loud and tried pulling it back, but he stopped her.

"Your attack is too shallow," Glidas said, steel in his voice. He just barely had enough time to wrap his outstretched arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer, enveloping her in his last embrace.

"You have to do it like this."

Shyves burst into tears as realization dawned on her. A web of cracks spread through her glass heart, slowly at first, then shattering it all at once as the sword burrowed deeper and deeper into his chest. She was driven into despair when the rest of her vision was filled by his blossoming bloodstain, but in the midst of the chaos, she found him offering her a smile… a real, but hurting smile.

"I love you, my dear princess…"