Stone Kingsley has never been the epitome of calm when it comes to standing in a crowded room and tonight is nothing different. I give his hand an encouraging squeeze and am rewarded with a smile and a chaste kiss that still continues to send chills up and down my spine.

"You two are such an adorable couple!" gushes a woman who witnessed the exchanged

Stone grants her a smile, "Thanks, she makes up for most of it." He nods his head in my direction and I can feel my cheeks begin to heat as the lady laughs and continues on her way.

"You really have to stop doing that," I chastise him as soon as the woman is out of earshot.

An innocent look covers his face, "Whatever are you talking about? They're just jealous I'm with the most beautiful woman in the room." Again he places a kiss on my lips before I can even protest, the nerve of him.

We both nod at his new secretary, an older woman named Lena who is more like a grandmother than a femme fatale. There will be no debate as to whom he'll be going home with tonight and the only person that would be stumbling into our room at three in the morning would be our daughter because of a bad dream.

We don't have any parts to play, because we aren't acting at all. No one caught onto the fact that we were anything but the young, in-love, married couple we are today.

But, little does anyone know, we stopped pretending only a little while ago.

And that, my dears, is the end. Short sweet and to the point. That's how i like it :) Thank you all for reading. You have been absolutely amazing. Please enjoy the rest of summer and good luck in the upcoming school year!



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