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Grace's P.O.V

I was working in my yard on the vegetables when I heard the sound of horses hooves on the old cobble road leading up to our little cottage. Looking up from my work, I whipped my face with my arm sleeve, probably whipping some of the dirt on my face instead of taking it off.

There were two men riding on horseback towards the cottage at a somewhat leisurely pace. However, just because they were coming up at a nice pace doesn't mean they were people I wanted at my home. I stood and walked from the garden to the front of the house where father was already standing, waiting for me and the men.

A few moments later, the two men came to a stop a few yards from where we were standing and dismounted. They walked from their horses to us wearing pricey robes. I looked from them to my father. I didn't like the look of them.

Looking at the two, I took in their features. One was young, but not quite as young as me. Perhaps 20. His black hair was cropped short and his face was chiseled but not exactly handsome. His brown eyes were large and looked cold.

The other man was older, perhaps as old as my father, but better kept. His graying hair was trimmed almost as short as the young man's, but his features were more soft. He had a long scar going from his left temple going down to his jaw.

"We seek the owner of this residence." The older man said in a deep, gruff voice. My father stepped forward.

"Yes?" My father stood as tall as he could, shoulders back and head held high. He looked almost like he once did before mamma died. I was proud of him.

The older man looked my father up and down then nodded to him.

"Your property in on our list as one to be seized into the kings taking. You are too far on the outskirts of town, your land too vast and your income too little."

I could see my father stiffen at these words. I was about to say something, but thought better of it. It wasn't my place.

"I am well aware of my standing, thank you. What exactly is it that you came here to tell me?"

"We are here to inform you that you have two weeks to rid yourself of this property by order of the king." The younger man said. He sounded around 20, yes. He looked from my father to me as if sizing us up as the peasants we were and then looked back to the elder man. I decided that I did not like this younger man.

My father paused for a moment before speaking up again.

"Why have I received no former notice of this?"

"This is your first and only notice, peasant."

I glared at the younger man who spoke to my father. How dare he?

"If you please, I would like to know your names, gentlemen." His voice was gruff as he looked at the two men in front of him.

They were silent for a moment.

"Richard Volks. And this is my nephew, Andrew Volks." Richard said as he pointed from himself to his nephew.

"Nephew? You look nothing alike." I spoke from behind my father, my hand on the side of the closed door behind me. It was cool and brittle beneath my hand.

Andrew looked at me with narrowed eyes.

"You will do well to hold your tongue, woman. Or I'll have it." I watched as he clenched his jaw hard, the muscle moving visibly. I narrowed my eyes at him but kept my mouth shut. Better to not get on the bad side of someone who had power. At least power up in the ranks. I didn't know yet if this young man had magic power. If he did, he didn't bother showing it in any way.

The elder man however, Richard, wore a silver necklace that hung outside of his clothing with a silver medallion in the shape of a water droplet hanging on it. I took this as a sign that he either manipulated water like my father and I manipulated fire or if he could actually make water appear from air. Those were few, but it was possible he could do it.

My father and I could create fire.

I watched in silence as my father was told once again that he had two weeks to move off the property to they didn't care where.

When they left, I watched them go. Glaring at their backs, I gave their horses each a hard slap of air on the rumps, making them each neigh and scooter forward quickly, almost making their riders fall off. The two men looked around for a moment for what had spooked their horses. After not being able to find what it was, they shook their heads and kept forward.