These are all separated thoughts. A new paragraph starts a new because none of these are connected in any way. All of them are about epiphanies except the last one which is about loneliness.

It was beyond the rift of time that I came across the realization. Past time and space, the infinite being that would lay waste to all that opposes it. The sudden epiphany that is erased once it is realized. Gone beyond the great unknown that ignorance is key and wanting to know more than just have this.

I can proudly say that I have gone beyond the looking glass and past the stars of heaven. I have seen heaven and hell, the visage of God's face and the broken wings of Satan. I know of great power and have seen what it does to the weak, I have been those that are weak unable to escape from tyranny and might. I have seen past the great beyond, the great unknown and death. Yet I am unable to whisper simple words to calm those who fear all.

A montage of life and all its experience. The existence of all that takes place and in a blink of an eye is gone. Erased with no trace or hint. That something that life goes beyond is nothing more than a simple dream.

Why is it beyond my understanding? Long before I could comprehend. Is this really reality or a simple illusion that I am trapped in? Perhaps I am the fool in another man's play or a quote in a wise sage's saying. The question of who I really am and what I am meant to be. Do I really know? The questions that make this be is followed by so much more. How could I? Comprehend, understand and still withstand my own ignorance.

An unpleasant feeling captures me. It wraps around me like a snake hissing in my ear. It whispers words of death and despair, loneliness and want, the desire to want more. It embraces me like darkness and suffocates me. I cannot breath, talk. Barely a whisper comes from my lips wanting it an unknown. Then it stops completely.