A/N: One of the many new songs I've written over the past week in my strange mix of extreme depression and apatheticism. I thought this one was pretty good myself. It's metal, and there's a couple things I should address about my writing before you continue. Words followed by a ... are softer lines. Words followed by an exclamation are just basic lyrics sung at a normal but still awesome volume. Two exclamations is screaming. Anyways, with that in mind, enjoy!

The Steel Sepulcher

I only wanted you!
To see through this mask...
Perhaps I should have mentioned,
Behind it's only skull!
This nightmare is now my face!
But you loved it all the same!
And your lips I still taste,
In my falling tears!

And I!!
Would have held you forever!
You fill the abyss of my soul!
And the nothings on my mind!!
And I!!
Will love you forever!
If you would like me to!
If you could take my hand...
And see the world here, in my arms!

Welcome to this, sepulcher!
This shade of my creation...
This tormented dream!
We're the untouchable!
Your every lamentation!
The source of every scream,
Won't you stay...
My only way...

Shadows grow as dusk creeps...
Towards the ending of this day!
The hate outweighs the sorrow...
At myself I am enraged!
These halls they cannot save me...
The beauty's only show!
The Golgotha of our violence!
To you I shall now go!
And bid farewell to, your sick real!

Bloody words out from your lips!
I still feel your kiss...
Reject me, with your sickening silence!!
I'm sorry I was scared...
All I did was care...
Now I drown in this violence!!
This filthy nowhere!!
Into the sepulcher, into yourself!!
Out of your nightmare and into this hell!
Doors so ancient but no rust can touch!
This steel is kept oiled by it's victims blood!!

Welcome to this sepulcher!!
Citadel of imagination!
This hideous scene!
We're the untouchable!!
A final realization!
We're cut but cannot bleed!
Please just stay...
Make it go away...
My angel of last days!!