Get Well Blues

Being sick's no fun I say

It's no fun at all

The runny nose, the stuffy chest

They drive me up a wall

The fevers make me hot they do

Hot under the collar

I'm hot, I'm cold, I'm hot again

Sick is such a bother

I'm bored beyond imaging

Yes, bored in a big way

How can a show as dumb as this

Be on everyday

The doctor's got a needle now

Ten feet long, I'd say

He's not putting that in me

There isn't anyway

And oh the way they babble on

As if I should understand

And all the pills that they prescribe

They can fill up my hand

I think I hear the dinner cart

The food here's pretty gross

The doctor says I need my strength

But I have to hold my nose

ULF, I'd have to say

ULF indeed

Unidentified Lumpy Food

That's hospital feed

With drill sergeants as nurses

Drill sergeants I say

Giving orders, bark, bark, bark

They never go away

But the minute that you need one

They're nowhere to be found

I wonder if I died in here

Who'd here my final sound?

Being sick's no fun I say

It's no fun at all

And if I don't get well real soon

I'm gonna scream and bawl