Nearing the end of the Twelfth Century, King Henry the Second sought to lead a Crusade, he did so because he believed there was an isolation of Ireland from the general body of Christendom. When he was denied his request to lead a Conquest of Ireland little was said of it for twelve years.

Dermod, an Irish King of Leinster, presented himself at Henry's court, and asked for his help in regaining the lands he had lost in one of the many endless civil wars that distracted Ireland. The English accepted.

After the English helped Dermod, an Englishman named Richard of Clare married his daughter. Upon doing so, Richard of Clare gained all of his lands the moment Dermod was announced deceased. Richard saw that his success was making the King angry. So, to appease that jealousy of the King, Richard surrendered Dublin to the crown.

With the inhabitants of Dublin both English and Irish the hostility grew, and between the families, feuds arose. Laws were made one of them forbid any marriage between the English and the Irish.

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The Nickerson's

Gerald- Father

Victoria- Mother

Jeremy- 20yrs

Emmalyne- 17yrs

Alec- 16yrs

Samson- 14yrs

Oliver- 9yrs

Elsie- 7yrs

The O'Neil's

Brian- Father

Kathryn- Mother

Malcolm- 19yrs

Camryn- 17yrs

Ian- 16yrs

Nessa- 15yrs