I don't want you


Nothing to do

Nothing to see

Nothing to cry about

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to sit and pout

I don't want you

I don't care

But you just won't leave

And get out of my hair

No to this

No to that

I just do not see

what you're getting at

No to you

No to me

Nowhere to run

Nothing to see

No to love

No to marriage

No to that damn baby

in it's baby carriage

And in the end

What's left to hope?

Nothing to help me

No reason to cope

You know that I'm slipping

You're guise of concern

with fake intentions

that I can't discern

And I can't grasp

Why you won't go

Why would you joke

About what you pretend to know

Because you know nothing

And I know

That I'm no

Vision of light

But still I seem to have

'spunk' to stand

to hope

to fight

So before this is over

I still have a thought

Maybe I shouldn't have tried

and fought

Should we have ended,

when all hope was lost?

Were the perils too great?

And too high a cost?

Will you marry me?

No I will not


No No No

I won't marry you

I won't

Because I may want you now

But when I have you

I won't want you anymore

And you'll sit in my closet

or maybe the floor?

And you'll receive glances of me,

sleeping at night

you won't have the strength

You'll be much too slight

And you'll lay there forgotten,

no chance of escape

You'll lose all your life

Your color and shape


For both of our sake

This is a chance

I just have to take

It's over, my love

It couldn't be helped

It's been put aside

The packages shelved

And maybe

just maybe

in a decade or so

We'll see each other


Because we knew where to go

But what happens from then

is just up to fate

So be good, my dear friend

And please...

don't be late

A/N: By Blue!