"Its been one week since you looked at me. Cocked your head to the side and said I'm angry." Adam, Kevin, and Jerry Jones were dancing around on their tour bus to the 90's station that was blaring from their television.

"Boys! What are you doing?" Big Rob said, walking into the room.

"Aw, come on. Sing with us man! You know that you know the words!" Kevin said, laughing and jumping from the couch.

"The nineties are gone. Embrace the 21st century." Big Rob said.

He turned his back to them and started to walk away.

"NEVER!" Jerry cried, turning up the volume. "We're a pop rock group for God's sake. The nineties are making a comeback!"

Adam laughed and jumped on Big Rob's back. "Sing it!" he cried.

"No!" Big Rob said, prying Adam from his back.

"DO IT!" Adam yelled again.

"NO!" Big Rob screamed.

"Help me guys!" Adam called to Jerry and Kevin. The boys ran forward laughing and tackled Big Rob onto the couch.

"Get off of me you crazy boy band members!" he yelled.

Kevin dramatically sucked his breath in and stood up. "We are NOT a boy band!" he said.

"I know." Big Rob said. "But at least it got you off of me." He stood up and started to walk to the front of the bus. "Come on!" he said. "You guys have a interview in a few minutes and we are almost there."

Jerry turned off the television and the boys finished getting ready for the interview.

"Alright guys. It was great fun talking to ya. Any last words?" The radio announcer asked into the microphone. "Kevin?"

"I just wanna thank the fans once again for being so awesome. We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for you guys. You literally rock our world and we hope that we rock yours."

"Alright, cool. What about you Adam?"

"Yeah, to the fans once again, you all rock. Give us gifts." Adam said laughing.

"Nice Adam. Nice. And Jerry?"

"Well, just a little shout out to all the fans listening, like Kevin said, you made us what we are and we love you guys."

"Great, great." the announcer said. "Once again, that was Kevin, Jerry, and Adam Jones of Common Ground. I'm sure all the fans out there feel the love. Up next, non-stop music with no commercials for you hard workers out there stuck in rush hour traffic."

The interview ended and the boys walked out of the small studio and into the hall. Kevin looked down the hall, tapped Jerry's shoulder and pointed to a door that was down the hallway.

"Where are you going?" Adam asked Jerry and Kevin when they took off in the opposite direction of the lobby that led outside.

"Restroom." Jerry called back.

"Oh, okay. Well I'll be waiting for you guys in the lobby." Kevin raised his hand and Adam took it as a sign he heard, so he walked into the lobby and sat down next to a girl on an uncomfortable white couch.

After a few minutes of silence, and watching the receptionist answer the annoyingly loud telephone, Adam finally looked around and spotted a magazine lying on a table on the other side of the girl. Instead of getting up and walking all the way around the coffee table to get to the magazine, Adam turned to the girl sitting next to him.

"Um, excuse me." he said to her. "Can you hand me that magazine?"

She didn't respond or even look like she heard him, so Adam shook her arm gently and she turned her head. "Oh, sorry, what?" she asked, looking in his direction with bright blue eyes.

"I said, could you hand me that magazine?" he asked her again.

"Uh, sorry, I can't." the girl said.

"Why not? It's right there. Don't you see it?" he asked her.

"No." she said. "I can't."

"Are you blind or something?" Adam asked. "It's right there!" he said, pointing.

"Actually, yes I am." the girl replied.

"Are what?" Adam asked exasperated.