After that first conversation,

I missed your smile,

I thought about you,

Every once in a while.

I saw you in the hallway,

And waved a quick hello.

You waved back,

I would have to let you know.

When I went to tell you,

You showed me her.

Was it your girlfriend?

I wasn't sure.

We talked for a while,

Until the bell rang.

You kissed her cheek,

It hit me. Bang.

I skipped my next class,

Why fate's so cruel…

I couldn't go back,

Back to this school.

The next day you'd broke up,

She did, not you.

I felt bad,

And you did too.

Somehow you saw it,

Deep down inside,

That yearning feeling,

I couldn't hide.

You said you liked me,

A little too much.

I laughed at the thought.

And you invited me to lunch.

We clicked in that instant,

Love at first sight.

We still live together,

Not one single fight.