Threads Can Strangle Like Singers

When the Singer use to sing
Spinning a velvet and starry thread
Echoing off our hearts
All the emotions never said
The melody wrapped around me
Carrying me off to sea
Where the waters of dreams
And of thoughts
Set him free

And freed us

When he sang
I would laugh or I would cry
Any reality he could sell me
All of it I would buy
And he sang for me
But mostly for himself
Then put his lifeā€”not his livelihood
Back upon the shelf

He kept it to himself

So I could say
That time stood still and waited
It was all that really mattered
All that was ever Fated
Now it's the morning after
Measured out after all these years
A very long thread
Whose echo is still so clear

Bouncing off my heart

The thread is still mine
A creepy crawling vine
Ever twisting, ever tight
Someday, I just might

Cut it down