I Wish I Knew

Scarlet light spreads, bleeding into the waves,
as the daylight fades to night.
A cool wind blows, a silent song,
as the stars are born again.

I'm watching you, your old eyes turned
to the dying evening sun.
A happy time, I thought back then,
a peaceful memory shared.

"'Bye, Grandpa," I said to you,
as we finally drove away,
and at home I fell asleep that night,
feeling a strange warmth.

The morning sun shines through the windows.
I lay blinking in its light.
The phone rings then; I pick it up.
The news takes me by surprise.

I saw you last night; it couldn't be
that you're no longer here.
A single tear falls from my cheek,
but for what, I do not know.

I suddenly wish I'd known you better.
It didn't mean much then.
But now I wonder silly things
about the man I never knew.

What did you think about,
those rainy days I stayed with you
when your tired limbs couldn't walk outside
to see the rainbow?

What was your favorite color?
Your favorite food, your favorite song?
Did you like the rain, like I did?
… I wish I knew you more.

The rest of the world doesn't seem to notice
for time keeps moving without you here.
Grandma cries, but what can I do?
… I wish I knew what to say.

Maybe you're okay now.
I hope with all my heart you are.
Where are you going, as you leave us behind?
… I only wish I knew.