The Hit
Chapter 1-

"Ana, you hear?" a girl asked.

"Hear what?" she replied, turning around.

"About this new site." the first girl said with a slight giggle. "The Hit. com."

"Nope, is it nice?" Ana asked.

"Really? You haven't?" She shoved the flier of the new 'hip' site in Ana's face. "I'll set you up with an account after school, 'kay?"

"Sure." Ana agreed, she shut her locker and walked away to her next class.


"Hey! Ana, walk home with me!" the girl called.

"Yeah, okay Bell." Ana said.

They walked down to Bella's house. She opened the door, dropped her bag on the couch, and went straight for the computer. She clicked it on, opening an explorer, she went to the site'.

"See, this is awesome, it's much better than the other sites."

"It is." Ana blurted, grabbing the mouse, she looked around the site.

"There are chats too. Here, let me get you set up." Bella grabbed the computer back and went to the 'register' icon. She clicked on it and signed Ana up for it. "Here, now it's an easier way to talk, rather than e-mail, or even IM-ing."

"Hey you! How many now?" asked a somewhat low voice from the shadows.

"Currently, only 42, but it was only put up three hours ago." the assistant answered. "Oh, new account made, 43 now."

"Awesome." the guy said, with a thrill in his voice. He grabbed some useless papers and threw them out. "Hot chocolate! Now!" he called out.