The Hit
Chapter 5-

Peter just now arriving at his home, the girls had followed. Just now knowing where he lives. Well, this is now helpful.

He noticed the girls on his tail and asked, "Why'd you think I was meaning to drag you along?"

They got out of behind the shrub, and Ana said, "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Yeah? Just so you know, you didn't drag us, we walked the whole way here." Bella said. She knew what he meant, but she was just messing with him.

"Yes, why'd you do that for?" he questioned, then he turned around and stared at them.

"Yeah, you're crazy... and well, we were bored." Bella answered.

"Well, I wanna know why you think you saw something wrong." Ana took a breath, she made no sense. They were there for no reason at all. Just to be there. Well they did want to talk to him, for the reason, well I guess buzzing around school.

"Okay? And that's your business at all?" he snickered.

"Yes, that's exactly what we think!" Bella told him.

"Then your thoughts are totally and completely wrong." he said, walking into his house and shutting, and locking the door.

"Okay, well this was pointless, and why'd we decide to stalk him?" Ana looked at Bella curious.

"I dunno.. we had nothing better to do. I guess." she answered.

"Oh yeah, well... we'd better get going then, my parents want me home soon. You come too?"

"HEY!" Peter called out from his door. Walking up to them, "Seriously, do you believe me?"

"Sure, anyways, your not one to lie, but then again."

"That may have been what provoked you." Bella said, she stared at Peter.

He walked out of his yard, "Follow me, we'll talk there." The girls turned to face each other and nodded. "Okay." They said. They went with him.

"We'd better be more careful Siris. Because of course... wait, we?! I totally meant you!!"

"Yeah! You know what!?" Siris made the mistake there.

"What! What were you going to say?"

"Oh yeah! Well it was all your fault!!" Siris yelled. It just so happened Peter's hiding place was near Anon's headquarters. Peter was walking by when they had a fit.

They soon were almost to the destination place, "Hey, we've been here before." Ana said.

"Yeah we have." Bella agreed.

"Do you know what that was?" Peter asked. He twisted around, then asked them.

"No, what?" Bella asked, she wanted to see if he would freak out because of it.

"You heard it right Ana?" he asked her.

She looked at Bella, "Nope. Are you sure that you heard something?"

"Yes!" he yelled. This time Anon heard them.

"Who is there?" Peter walked into the building, and saw the two 'men'.

"Hey! Dude, why're you in my place?" Anon asked. As if any of each other's business was the other's.

"Yeah! Nobody cares!" Ana said, then she realised this is where that weird freaky dude lives. "Bell, that dude lives here." They also walked into the building, Aim saw their faces too.

Anon walked over to them. Then he saw the two girls. In the meantime, Siris went to another room. "Hey, it's the both of you."

"Yes, the both of us, and that other dude too." Bella said.

Ana saw what was still on Anon's computer screen. "You have an account?" she asked.

"No- Nope." he hesitated, and turned the computer off.

"You guys have one?" Peter asked, he looked at them.

"Yeah, everyone does." Anon butted in. Oops. He thought.

"How would you know that? I haven't seen you in school. What school do you go to?" Bella asked Anon.

"None, I'm over age." Of course he wasn't, but excuses are excuses.

"No your not!" Peter said, "You're that Anon dude right? I saw your folder at school in the cabinets."

"So what?" he asked.

"I could call the police, and you're what? 15?"

"No, I'm older than that." No he's not, he's like only fourteen, possibly- just possibly up at sixteen. No older than that.

"No you're not!" Siris yelled from another room. "You're only- well, yes older tha-"

"Shut up Siris!!"

"You're sixteen, or so!"

"Well guess what you are?" Anon started. "You're fired!"

"Well, we're gunna go now." Ana and Bella crept away, pulling Peter with them. "Hey!"