Diary of a deaf girl:

Diary of a deaf girl:

This is true, every bit.

Briefing: I am in high school, I am 16, I am in the marching band, and I am on drumline. I play bass drum, 3rd of 4th largest drum. I am a tiny little body, with a max weight of 105. I love music, and I love my friends. I also do battle bots, and engineering at our school. I am not the best percussionist, but I certainly do try. This is my story, skipping over a rough 6 month period. Enjoy. This is life.

Entry # 1

We had a marching band night rehearsal tonight. It lasted 2 hours, in the hot Arizona heat, at about 107 degrees. Not bad, for late September. Hopefully it will cool off soon. Last year it didn't get into the 90's until after Halloween. The rehearsal itself went pretty well, but it tool its heavy toll on my physically. I was pretty exhausted around the end. We had just finished our entire show, (learning the drill charts), so B, (our band director) had us do 2 run-throughs in a row. After the first run-through, I was exhausted. I needed some water, and a second to put my drum down, to ease the unbearable pain in my back. If only the world would be that kind. As soon as we finished the last beat of the show, B had us run to the other side of the field to do it again. I had no time to catch my breath, or set down my drum.

How I made it through that final run-through, only god knows. All I remember, of that night specifically, is as we finished, B called us around to dismiss him, and I tried to walk to the 50 yard line, to hear what he was telling us. I made it to about the 35 yard line, when my knees buckled, and I went down, drum and all. I remember whacking my face with my drum harness, as I rolled on my back, with my mallets still in my hands. B went through his announcements, and I was left, withering in my back pain, unable to move. I remember electric shocks racing each other up and down my spine. Eventually, after about 20 min. of laying there on the field, someone came and realized I wasn't just laying there for the entertainment. One of our alumni percussion staff carried my drum back, and the pit hoisted my on my feet, and made me to walk back to the band room so I could go home.

As soon as I got home, I took a couple Motrin, and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up for practice around 5 30, and was happily met by a massive headache, and a soreness in my back like none you could believe. I am going to go to the doctors today, to see if I can get anything for my back. I can't even walk. It's pretty bad. I'm going to sleep now, I have slept 18 hours since rehearsal last night, and I don't feel like I got a wink!