The Pendant

This night was like no other. I discovered something beyond reality. What I got was a gift so powerful it could give me anything I wanted. Much to my knowledge, I didn't know that the power was much beyond my control.

It started with a dare involving a resurrection spell and a graveyard.

I carefully placed three candles on top of the tombstone and attempted to light them but with every chance the flames burned my fingertips.


I flicked the lighter again.

"Damn it!"

"Need any help?" asked my best friend Taylor.

"Here you try" I said tossing him the lighter.

"And, wah la" he said as if he were a magician who just pulled a rabbit out of his hat.

The candles were lit as I took a jar full of mythical powder and spread it on the ground, forming a circle.

"Circles finished" I said proudly.

The various formulas were pulled out of my backpack as we poured them around the white line of dust.

And to really get things started I took a piece of folded notebook paper out of my jeans pocket.

I unfolded the paper and glanced at it.

"What, to afraid to do this?" Taylor asked me.

"Ha-ha" I let out a sarcastic laugh.

"Actually you're right Taylor. I am so afraid. I just might need someone strong and brave to come help me" I said innocently.

"Well no need to fear my maiden, I will assist you!" he said in a manly voice.

Taylor picked me up off my feet and took a few steps forward.

He then dropped me as we both fell to the ground and laughed at out bad Shakespeare reenactment.

"Seriously are we going to do this or not?" he asked me.

"Yes" I answered.

"Let's see" I began revising the lines.

We call upon a full moon

To revise the five demons of the living dead

Let us remand your knowledge

And for mend us thy power

Lightning started to strike as I quickly pulled out a knife and cut down my palm. I winced in pain as the blood started trickling down but I continued.

Light is the match of the creator

Darkness is the devil's breath

Speak to me

Bring an emergence from the underworld

Taylor and I then had to run past the grave as a bolt of lightning struck the tombstone. We stood there very still for sometime, and then I had the courage to move as I approached the smoking grave.

Something on the ground caught my eye.

And there it was, gold and in scripted. The chain was made of actual rubies as I picked it up and felt its texture against my fingers.

I immediately became attached to the pendant. I knew it had chosen me and I will use it to get anything and anyone I desire.

"Hey look what I found!" I exclaimed showing the pendant to Taylor...