I've got and excuse!

So mom I bet you're wondering, why I didn't make a birthday card.

Or even write a thankyou note, that came straight from my heart.

I know you feel upset right now, like your loving heart might burst.

But before you yell and smack your head, you should here this story first.

It really started yesterday, when my brother gave me a poke.

He made me step on my good pen, and just my luck it broke!

So I'd have to go to the grocery store to buy another pack.

But the stupid workers would yell at me because they were on crack!

So then I'd need a psychiatrist, to help me with brain.

And the bill you'd get would surely cause you great amounts of pain.

So then we'd live in cardboard boxes begging on the streets.

And all we'd have are cockroaches and filthy rats to eat.

So mom please don't be mad at me, it just wasn't my fault.

By not getting you a present, I've helped you out alot!

A/N: Heh, my excuse for forgetting my mom's birthday present. Whatcah think? Review please.