First time

First time


I'm strapped in

Real good and tight.

I'm gripping these armrests

Like I might be

Thrown from my seat

Before we even

Get off the ground.

My heartbeat is accelerating

And I fear it might jump

Right out of my chest.

The man in the

Adjacent seat

Looks a t me like

I might be insane,

Like he does this

On a regular basis.

The pilots just gunned

The huge pair of turbines

And this giant hunk of metal

Just started racing down the tarmac.

My knuckles go white

And I hold my breath,

As if it might

Somehow help.

The nose is in the air,

And the guy next to me

Is still sipping his joe.

We're in the air now,

And earth is rapidly falling.

Thousand acre farms

Suddenly become specs

Equal to a grain of salt.

Now the horizon expands

To the limit of the eye,

And the plane smooths out

Like it's flying on cool whip.