word-- letter
(word)-- (Marco's thoughts)

Dear Marco,

I know you're probably wondering where I am right now and that's why I wrote you this letter. (Uh oh.) I just want to start off by saying that I love you and that will never change. But, (No, no but. Just keep loving me and we'll both be happy.) I had to leave. Please don't be mad, just let me explain why I'm leaving and what this means before you judge my decision. (I guess she deserves that much at least.)

First, I didn't leave because of anything you did. I know you won't believe that, (Damn straight) but it's true. I left because it's what's best for my family right now. (Ouch.) I know you're part of my family too but I couldn't bring you with me and keep everyone safe and together at the same time. (I'm beginning to understand) If there was only one thing threatening my family's well-being, I'd have stayed and worked it out but there were a few things at once and this is the only way I could think of that would fix it all.

One of the problems that sent me away was your mother. (She left because of my mother?) Now, it's not like I left because your mother was being mean to me, I had a legitimate reason. (Better, but still not happy you left.) She made a few threats against Brandi before she went missing and showed no sign of pity after she was gone. It may not seem like such a good reason to leave to you but there were a few other details that added to that situation. (Such as?) I can't tell you everything now though. (What?) It's not something that you should find out about in a letter. I'll tell you in person when I come back, and I am coming back. (When?)

Another thing was that I found Brandi. (Is she alright? Where was she? Who took her? Can I kill him?) I know you want to see her but she isn't well enough right now. The place they had her in wasn't very safe to have a young child in and she's being taken care of right now. (Seriously though, can I kill him?) As soon as she's well enough, I'll try to bring her to you but that won't be for a while and i'm not coming back without her. (I'm happy, but at the same time not. About that killing though.) I know you want to kill whoever did this, (Yes, yes, yes) but I can't give it to you in a letter. I'll tell you over the phone, maybe, but not in person. (Where the hell is my cell phone?) Please don't call yet, I'm probably still on the plane, just finish the letter first. (Fine) Thank you. (Whoa, creepy)

The last thing was Lucas. (Who?) Lucas was Lionel's brother and the guy who was hitting me. (Oh that son of a bitch!) i know what you're thinking, stop it. By the way, I say was because he died recently. (Good riddance) You killed him. (WHAT!?) When you went into the coma because you fought him, you also sent him into a coma. He died a couple days later. The day you woke up was the day of his funeral. (Wow, I'm great even in my sleep.) I know you're wondering why Lucas was a reason for me to leave after he's dead, but there's a good reason. Lemme tell you a story:

Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived at home with her mother, the queen. The princesses name was Chelsea. (Huh?) (You thought it was me, didn't you?) (Yep) Well, when the princess was very little, the queen decided to adopt another child for the princess to play with because the king had died a year earlier. The child the queen adopted was a little peasant orphan named Mira. The two girls were best friends at once.

As the years passed, it was seen that Mira had a talent for running and they wasted no time in putting it to their advantage, with Chelsea joining in (it was all her idea anyway). (The record book) When they were 18 and found out that she was pregnant and would need to quit running, both Chelsea and Mira quit both running and smoking and decided to try to sneak off the map to try and give the baby as normal of a life as possible.

It was discovered that the father was her boyfriend, another peasant named Lucas and when they told him, he left as soon as possible. (She dated that jerk!? Wait, he's Brandi's father!?) Soon before the birth, it was discovered that both the queen and princess were sick and probably wouldn't live to see another birthday. They were both determined not to die before the baby was born.

The day the baby was born, the princess barely lived to see the baby before she died and the queen died soon after her own view of her granddaughter, Brandi. For a while, Mira was sad and mourning but after abuot a month, she realized that she had to pick herself up and keep living, just for Brandi. (Wow) Almost a year after Brandi was born, Mira recieved the opportunity to go to a school in a far-off land. Although she decided not to attend the school, she liked the town it was in and she decided to stay.

While living in town, the peasant met the prince of the land and found that she liked him, a lot and he liked her too. Soon the two were dating, and he even liked Brandi as well. For the first time since The princess and queen died, Mira was happy with her life again. It wouldn't last forever however, because it was only a matter of time before her past caught up t her again. It came in the form of Lucas arriving on her doorstep and demanding a large sum of money every week. (So that's why the beatings only happened a few times.) He told her that if she ever told the prince, he'd kill him and take Brandi away.

Mira was afraid to lose both the prince she'd come to love and the daughter she'd always loved so she kept it from him and snuck out while he was sleeping to give Lucas the money. Now, you may be wondering how Lucas managed to convince of the threat that he'd take Brandi away, right? Well, he was her father. (So, mother's usually win and if he needed her money, he couldn't even play the poverty card.) I never said the peasant was pregnant. (Yes you did) The baby was the princess' and that made Lucas the only living relative of the baby. (Brandi's not Mira's child!? Wow, didn't see that one coming.) Although the prince could've made the problem go away, Mira was so afraid to lose him, she just submitted to the demands of Lucas as long as he lived.

So that's my story, Lucas was blackmailing me so that I could keep Brandi. She may not be mine biologically, but she is my daughter. Since Lucas' death, the police are investigating people who'd want him dead. Because of this, they're certain to figure out that Brandi isn't mine and that I took her as my own for over two years. With Lucas gone, I could be charged with kidnapping so I'll need to be gone for a bit anyway. I'm sorry I didn't tell you but I thought it was for the best to wait.

So that's why I left, I needed to keep my family safe. Believe me, if I could've taken you with me, I would have but I can't so I'll just try to be back as soon as possible. I know that I can't just ask you to wait for me forever so I want you to know that if you want to move on, I understand and I won't hold any of it against you. Know that I won't though, because I was happy with you and I can wait for what makes me happy.

Although you can't see me, you can talk to me. You can call me whenever you want to and talk to me and even Brandi when she gets well until we come back. I'm sorry that I've caused you so much trouble and if you just want me out of your life, just say so in a text or call. Otherwise, please call and we'll try to work it out then.

I love you and I'll miss you,