So this was written for a writing class I took at a summer camp a few days ago. The prompt: two strangers meet, and the story follows one of them as they separate. I thought this story wasn't so great and possibly made me look a little bit insane, but everyone in my class really liked it. So now I'm asking all of you whether you like it or not, because I'm still mildly confused about it.

Tomorrow is the birthday of a young woman who loves chocolate. Her friend, who has known her for years, can't think of anything she likes besides chocolate. She could have asked any time in the past six years, but she hasn't and so, like she does on this day every year, she goes to the candy store.

The store is an unusually calm place for a candy store. There are never any children when she goes, because she goes during school hours. She never enters the store at any other time on any other day.

Today, she is five minutes later than she has been in previous years. The cashier doesn't remember her order from a year ago, if it's even the same cashier. She wishes they would remember. It's been six years, after all.

And today, there is snow. Everything is covered in white powder and silver ice. There is no school today. A small girl is in the candy shop.

She is the classic small girl, with two blonde braids and a pink dress. She stares at the lollipops and doesn't look up when the woman comes in.

The store is small, with the chocolate only a few feet away from the lollipops. The woman turns her back so she can't see the girl. The girl remains staring at the lollipops.

Suddenly, she speaks. "What's your favorite color?" she asks without looking up.

The woman and the cashier both stare at her. It's the woman who chooses to answer. "Silver," she replies. "Grey."

"They're not the same," the girls says. She chooses a lollipop, red and orange and yellow, as big as her head, and pays for it with exact change that she took from the pocket of her pink dress.

As she reaches the doors, she turns around. "I like lavender," she informs the woman. "I wish that snow was lavender."

The woman ignores her, and ignores the cold sneaking in through the open door. She buys her friend's chocolate, and leaves before anyone else comes in.

After the final customer leaves, the cashier stares out the window for a moment. She sees the woman who buys chocolate on the same day ever year, hurrying to catch a bus. Her eyes are closed against the snow and wind, and she knocks into an old woman as she walks.

A bottle that the old woman had been carrying falls to the ground. The liquid, something the cashier doesn't recognize, soaks into the snow. It spreads, until it encircles both women's feet. Busy with their conversation, they don't notice that they're standing in a patch of lavender snow.