Mother/daughter relationship

That mother/daughter relationship, sometimes goes too far.
Do I really want to hear about how my body works?
Do I really want to know what boobies are?
Where are the perks?

Stop! I don't want to hear about kissing the church camp badass.
I don't care if you got your period kissing a boy.
When it comes to period talk I'd rather take a pass.
That brings red cheeks and NO joy.

I don't want to know how old you were then.
I know my boobs are bigger, I don't need to be told.
I don't care about your motorcycle rides, way back when
Can mothers be sold?

I don't want to hear about your wedding doubt,
Or about that guy's hot pecs.
I REALLY don't want to hear about
The hottie who was just for sex.

Never say 'when I was 22'
No stories about peeing in a cup
No offence, I love you.
But Gosh, Mom, learn to shut up!

A/n: lmao, just a thought in my head :P