Passing By

The dark of the night is fading away

Into the dawn of a bright new day.

The sun rises higher into the sky

As I realize that some things are meant to pass by.

As the sun moves through the heavens above,

I think of the things and the ones that I've loved.

I can't help but wonder, what if I'd taken the chance?

Given him more than a passing glance?

I let him go by, and now I know it was wrong.

But how could I lose something that was there all along?

I saw that he loved me, I saw that he cared,

And I felt the same, yet I never shared.

But here I stand now, ready to take on the sky.

I no longer feel the need to ask why.

Why didn't I tell him like I knew I should?

But today I can tell him, I can make it all good.

Because the dark of my past is fading away

Into the dawn of the bright new day.

I realize things now, as I look to the sky,

There are some things in life you can't let pass by.