I'm sure I'm not the only girlfriend who's jumped to conclusions.

Paranoia. By definition means mental insanity marked by systematic delusions.

Attn: current boyfriends…You can thank all past boyfriends for us constantly having our guards up and/or blaming you for things an ex did. (ie; cheating)

The first real boyfriend/heartbreak ruins every girl for any future relationship she hopes to have. That is, until you find the guy who is willing to put up with you constantly keeping tabs on him. Where he is, what he's doing, who he's with, what time he'll be home, etc. Ever had a girlfriend like that guys?

Picture this scenario. You tell her your hanging out with the guys, or getting something done. She decides to show up and surprise you and finds you somewhere else doing god knows what. She'll immediately start thinking the worse. From than on - every time you forget to say I love you or didn't think to say I miss you - she's stuck with herself going through the possibilities. I call this stage one of paranoia. She'll ask herself one (or more) of the following questions. What did I do? Is there another girl? If there is, how long has this been going on? Should I end it? She'll jump to somewhat ridiculous conclusions and compare you to the last boyfriend who did this to her. Note: sometimes we're right. Can you tell I'm using personal experience here?

I can't be the only girlfriend who's cried myself to sleep over something that turned out to be nothing…right?

Author's Note:No, not all girls do this, maybe it's just me.