hidden affairs,

mysterious money,

and a smoke in the alley;

you never change-

you never change;

i could say i'm not surprised,

but that would be a lie,

just like the words

that drip from your lips-

and you say it's my fault

for her unhappiness;

but i'm no puppet

and i'm not sorry

and you're to blame;

you made her this way

when i was young

and scared and confused,

but you never think of me,

not even now.

just know-

that by the time you do,

it'll be too late;

she's encased in ice

on this summer's day

and she's prepared

to leave, to seek revenge,

while i have no say.

i love you, but i

can not help you-

you may be my father,

but she is my mother-

the one who has been wronged,

and for this,


i am sorry.