restless beauty of out kin
saving face or saving skin
restless beauty cause we win
cause we win
cause we win

contact, to rise, to fall, two skins
wearing an entrance to an easy in
utter surprise, I'm breaking in
you fell to my hands with a vocal din

contact to make a racing heart
rapid, entrapped, a bloody art
from a celibate, yet hot and hard
waiting today for a lively graveyard

my chemicals are getting cold
& my fleeting pulse, tired and old
chemicals, cold
fleeting pule, tired old
tired, old

you choose demise, I buy the Time
touch and I, am liquefied
but you collide, and saxify
I'm just a preturist with age on mind

lasts so I don't go on
I fear the fall so I don't stand up
I fear the fall so I don't stand up

Copyright 2000 by Susanne Estelle Hendrickson 8-12. october.2000