-The Teachings of Anyone's Cries-

drawn from a pool drawn out
a penciled song singled out
on in a duel, on and about
when stilled long, being cold and in doubt
*A marked destiny on crisp paper white
embarked to confess to he, a just wager right
drawn out dark "obsessody", he must have aged her mighty
petrified bark on a bedtime tree, you played out your fight
A penciled song, erased with out a trace
though still stilled-long, I faced myths allowing waste
a will-filled bond, a haste lived loud and placed
on window-sills for illness gone, fates give proud to taste
*An artist's teardrop swim within, I dove in and you were chosen
now a heart-missed fear-topped din, I know some she-lion loathes him
harmed wrist and wished for mop-doll sin, she rose and thought she clothed him
karma-kissed mirror walked him in, he bows the arrow, it goes in
drawn from a pool drawn out
gone from a fool, gone, gone down
and the dawn of a jewel, dawn found
a tawny heart cooled, tawny bound
*I partake of you, I took
part wake-water terrain hue; part soot
far fake for tripping roots, far shook
and for the sake of passing through, I look
"Taste of your flesh," says the all God
ways of war manifest, I met with the all flawed
and praise enough, the last confess, he yawned prior to applaud
an age of war, folk-lore galore, he is gone, outlawed
*Tender embrace, never enough
you send her away to sever herself
a splendor just in case she endeavors to love
and fends for her haste, for ever and ever brought up
brought from the drown, saved from life
to not come around and not wave to your wife
I wrought and then wound, gave to the knight
the turning off to be sound, and pave the way to tonight
*An outbound train, heading to the other side of me
and a pout found that dame, letting her cover be seen
and now the ground came, setting her druthers to die elogantly
how could she feel pain when her deadening lover was free?
her saga comes the closest to dreams
she forgot to be numb and knows this is seen
the fog of her love owes a fist where he gleams
and the God of above (most missed) knows nothing's as it seems
*But I believed you were who you were
what I received through hurt, used to whither
so shut out the leaves, the dirt of falls colors burns
I weave in and out of the pews and invisibly prefer

...and I awoke in the church where I fell asleep
I had mis-spoke my search, carried hell into grief
turned cold was my allure, I stared at how you held me
and told all I could endure: the wear and tear of what I felt deep

and awake I can see the teachings of anyone's cries
so I wait for good reality to reach my eyes
a mistake it would be to dream of anyone beautified
and for the sake of who I should be I am preaching inside

who am I, and why?
I cry, inside
tears falling from stained-glass eyes
I'm alone, petrified, liquefied, crucified
I don't want to hide

Copyright 2000 by Susanne Estelle Hendrickson